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Ever since I stepped into the chaotic world of social media in April, Gourmet Soiree has been so supportive and she always makes time to share out my content. So I'm here to return the favor in appreciation. Join me as we Glimpse into her fun-filled, adventure-driven & talented lifestyle.

Gourmet Soiree is a retired event planner on the quest for authentic people, places & pairings. 
Writer & Dead Poets Society member
Carpe diem. 
~"Make your lives extraordinary."~

1. What is your favorite cuisine? 
  • Italian
2. The best place to get supper in the city where you live? 
3. Favorite chef ? 

4. How do you take your coffee/tea? 
  • Coffee with a little non-fat milk; green tea to pep up for a workout. 
5. What cook book do you use the most? 
  • “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, Julia Child
6. If you could open your own restaurant what type of food would you serve and what would your restaurant be called?
  • I know the restaurant life is truly 24/7 so I would strive for more balance. I would love to cater some select upscale events that involve sailing (with a covered boat option in case of inclement weather) and dessert on the lanai in Maui. 

7. What’s on your pizza?
  • I don’t eat pizza very often as I’m in training for some red carpet events.  
  • If I do I am a classic Pizzeria Uno gal, Chicago deep dish with sausage and green pepper 
8. Favorite cooking utensil? 
  • Whisk 
9. What is your favorite home cooked meal?
  • Chef Alessio’s Signature dish: Cavatelli al PISTACCHIO e GAMBERONI 
  • House made cavatelli with tiger prawns in pistachio cream
10. 3 ingredients you can’t live without?
  • NA
11. The most interesting food you have eaten? (Changed from “weirdest”)
  • I have eaten some very interesting Hawaiian food that included poi, food from a traditional emu and amazing volcano wine that is so rich from the soil of Kilauea volcano. 
12. Describe your perfect desert
  • My perfect “desert” is Mojave Desert, near the Joshua Tree ;) 
  • My perfect dessert is one of the first ones Chef Alessio named after me: “La Linda Diplomatica”. It was so interesting and inviting, and of course an honor to have food named after me. 
  • It is light and creamy with chocolate and Chantilly crème; a lot like American Boston cream pie, but no crust. 
  • La torta diplomatica è un fantastico dolce tutto italiano. Questo dessert, molto particolare, si compone di strati di pasta sfoglia croccante e pan di spagna, alternati da una deliziosa crema, chiamata appunto crema diplomatica (o anche crema chantilly all’italiana), che nasce dall’unione di due creme altrettanto buone, ovvero lacrema chantilly e la crema pasticcera

13. You can invite anyone over for dinner, who would it be?
  • Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller and Alfonzo Words
14. Do you have any food traditions in your culture/family?
  • I have been invited to a wonderful Christmas Even Italian dinner tradition with 10 courses, shared family style and paired with wine and toasts to the new year. The portions were sharable but not massive, so I never felt too full or forced to eat too much. (love that mélange!) I’m American, but it’s been a great joy to be invited to this tradition for the last 2 years. I will never forget it and I do feel that it set up an amazing year!
15. Is there any food you won’t ever eat? 
  • I don’t like crab and prefer not to eat it as a Cancer. 

Quick Fire

Juice or Fizzy Drinks 
Fresh squeezed juice, especially guava. 

Chicken or Beef 

Eat in or Go out 

Indian or Chinese 

Sweet or Sour

Chocolate or Strawberry 

Popcorn or Chips 
Baked chips

Cake or Pie

Cream or Ice cream

Skittles or M&M’s 

Food Board for Alessio Vullo @ Nando Milano Trattoria Chicago  
Salute & Aloha!

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  1. What a fun interview. This is great insight into what makes Gourmet Soiree tick. I love that they would invite you over for dinner ;)

    1. Hi Rachel! :-) Yes I loved that too, I would be honored and so so excited to have dinner with her.

  2. Great interview, how amazing to have a dessert named after you!! :D

  3. What a great little way to get to know more about a foodie and how cool to have something named after you! x

  4. I loved this! It was super cool and interesting! Good job man!

  5. Great interview. I agree with his pizza choice as I love Chicago pizza.

  6. Amazing interview! My favorite cousin is Italian too :-) I’d love to try this Mojave Desert, un fantastico dolce italiano ;-) Delizioso/ Delicious!

  7. Haha! I love how you keep these interviews fun and interesting! the interaction is what makes it original. Kudos on the dessert!

  8. I agree about the Chicago deep dish pizza. I love that soooo much! This was a neat interview!

  9. Great interview! I found the crab response amusing. I wish he'd try to eat them. Crabs are delicious!

  10. I agree with you on almost everything in the quick fire part, EXCEPT for the sweet and sour part. The rest is fine. This was a fun interview :)

  11. What a great interview, you are so good at interviews. I like everything about this especially the pizza!

  12. This sounds like a lot of fun! I always enjoy interviews about food because I consider myself a foodie. This is really entertaining!

  13. His perfect dessert sounds to be a nice one. You are so lucky to have this interview.

  14. I always wanted to interview chefs around the world. I want to know how they make every meal so delicious!

  15. What a great interview! I would love to interview a chef sometime. I love food and love to cook. This would be a great experience.

  16. I love Italian food also, it's my favorite right now. I don't think I could live without crab legs though, lol.

  17. This is such an awesome interview :) I love to see more into the minds of people that create food.

  18. This sounds like fun! I just got back from Italy, and their food does not tasted like the Italian food I had in the US. I was disappointed. Thanks for sharing!

  19. A ten course meal you say? Ah! That's a lot of food, but I bet it's a fun experience. :)

  20. wow- everything sounds and looks so yummy :D Seriously- what a sweet interview.

  21. I am not surprised about his favorite cooking utensil which is a whisk. He is so nice.

  22. GRAZIE, gracias, merci for reading the blog and for all your kind comments. Happy #FoodieFriday!! If you come to Chicago, we'd be honored to have you come to Nando Milano. Yes, I'll treat any readers who come to Chicago to a Nando Milano dessert and La Linda (current drink named after me). Contact me on Twitter if you can make it! https://twitter.com/gourmet_soiree Buon appetito & salute!! :)

  23. What a cool read! I like reading about different people and what they like and dislike. I am also a fellow lover of Italian food!

  24. Interesting piece. I can't believe she won't eat crab. Crab is so good but I guess it's different strokes for different folks.

  25. A really nice interview. :)


  26. Extra grazie mille and servings of dessert for all of you!!
    Thanks so much Alfonzo Words and friends! We would love to celebrate with you on the patio at Nando Milano, Chicago (Wicker Park) soon! Also since this article we our cake has its own Twitter handle (by request from our fans: https://twitter.com/NandoMilanoTort). AND a Twitter friend (@SendCakeFilms) has written film scenes at Nando so we will have a scientific lab...and the best #Cake. Salute and a presto!! Cheers and see you soon!

  27. I'm a food blogger so I love interviews like this! It's always so interesting to hear what other people in the food space have to say. It's cool that he'd want to have Marilyn Monroe over for dinner .. I wonder what he'd cook for her

  28. The staff here is actually competent and friendly, unlike other places with their pretentious staff guys. The event space NYC was magnificent and modern, and the seating was comfy. Truly, the food was heavenly and as a visitor I am glad for finding this one.

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