Wednesday 29 March 2017

Movie Review: Power Rangers (2017)

The first blockbuster film to feature LGBTQ & autistic superheroes

Half way through the week & it's #WednesdayWisdom
And after watching this movie, I had no doubt that it deserved the feature.

Movie Review:
"A group of high-school students, who are infused with unique superpowers,harness their abilities in order to save the world."

This year has dished out two surprising & EPIC movies for me. Logan & Power Rangers 2017.
Both blew my mind in that it surpassed my wildest expectations or rather superseded any that I had going in. I LOVE LOVED them so much, I can't contain my inner fan boy.
Both took previous franchise lore & movies then turned them upside down in a total reboot that was sincere, deep & emotional in unexpected ways.

Logan has become my All time favorite Marvel Movie so far & Power Rangers is my favorite movie of the year so far. What a brilliant combo.

This is a REBOOT. A completely new story, just like director said. This is the first movie in a new superhero franchise, and it needs to have a focus on the story and its characters, not on battles and morphing sequences. It's made for everybody except kids, because it's dark and much more serious than the TV show which was made mostly for kids. We have five teenagers and each of them has his own issues he needs to solve himself in order to become a hero (Power Ranger) and save the world. Every next situation in the movie makes our heroes closer to each other and stronger as a team.

I personally enjoyed watching this movie because it is dark, amazing, emotional, funny(of course not that much like the TV show), and has AWESOME introduction to the whole story and its main characters. I can only imagine what's planned for the sequel. CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT!!! #GO #GO #POWER #RANGERS

What my best bro enjoyed in this movie had that previous incarnations did not have:
  • That even though they were chosen, it was never expected that they would be so young/teenagers
  • They don't automatically know martial arts and have to train to become power rangers
  • More focus placed on lesser known characters like the yellow, blue & black rangers
My women crush wednesday has got to be Becky G!
Aka Trinity - The Yellow Ranger
In the movie her character is super feisty, does heavy metal yoga on a mountain top! & even takes on Rita Repulsa solo without caving in!

She's got a very different body type than the social norm of "hotness" which I crush so much.

She also plays a character who is questioning her sexual orientation.

The movie is very character driven, which was the most surprising for me because in others like spiderman, the origin story can get very boring. But they melded it quite awesomely in this rendition.
My favorite change has Got to be that they have powers Outside of the suits! 
They have super strength & super endurance. Which means things like climbing up mountains with their bare hands & jumping across vast ledges make for an entertaining watch. Heck it's what I would do if I had those powers.

There are such deep & touching moments involving each character that I'm sure many of us can relate to. Like the kid who gets picked on in school, the once popular now reject over a bad decision/s, the kid who has to take care of a sick family member on their own, the misunderstood antisocial one who is struggling with inner demons and coming to terms with who they were always meant to be. Geez, it tugs at your heart strings and makes you want to give each of em a hug and say "I can totally understand what you're going through." You watch it hoping that their journey will help inspire you with yours.

Their struggle to become a TRUE team is what really galvanizes the storyline of the movie. And by the time you see the above scene...TOTAL goosebumps #nerdgasm

My Power Rangers PJ's
My fandom stretches way way WAY back, it was honestly one of the most exciting times of my childhood. I was all about Power Rangers back then and it's stuck with me through all this passage of time.

Personal Movie Rating: 10/10!

It's a bold statement I know but one of the best things about a "personal" rating is that the decision is mine alone lol & I wholeheartedly believe in this AMAZING movie. Here's a small background into any of my "qualifications" you might need to see to believe this rating.

GO GO WATCH IT NOW! Heres the Trailer

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Friday 24 March 2017

Actor Tag: Keeping Up with the Kandasamys Madhushan Singh

Happy Friday Dance yo!

I'm super jazzed, honored and excited about today's post!!!

This month I'd been hearing alot of buzz from my friends and family regarding a locally produced movie Keeping Up with the Kandasamys.
I have to admit I was a tad resistant at first as I haven't enjoyed an Indian production in a long time, nevertheless after the movie hit 4 Million at the box office in the first two weeks, I just had to go see it.
And coming from ME that's saying something, ask anyone. I was blown away from start to finish. By the acting, the comedy, the quality, the presence and ofcourse the storyline.

So the actor I'm privileged to feature today plays Prishen Naidoo in the movie and does an amazing job of bringing the character to life. There's this scene in the car & in the rain, that really gets to you and he slays it in spades!

  • An Actor, Voice over artist and Fitness junkie from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal 
  • He was also Radio Jock for 13 years at a community station and 2 years of radio drama for SABC.
  • Acting Credits: 
1. White Gold (feature film)
2. Rights of passage (art house)
3. Keeping up with the                                               Kandasamys

Actor Tag
1. When did you start acting?
  • I was 11 years old doing local theatre.

2. What is your favorite aspect of acting?
  • Preparing for a role and bring the character to life.

3. What is your least favorite aspect of acting?
  • Nothing, I love improving on my craft.

4. What is one acting flaw that you have that you would change?

  • I’d like to be abit more patient on set.

5. Which actor/actress do you have a crush on?
  • Cara delevingne!! She’s just so stunning.

6. What is your favorite acting memory so far?

  • I shot in india and got to tour the villages of the South. I interacted with the locals and had the opportunity to work with some fantastic actors who became family.

7. Which actor/actress do you look up to or is a role model to you?
  • Robin Williams, his versatility to change himself to fit any role was inspiring. Johnny Depp aswell for his effortless transformations and the Manor in which he handled his fame.

8. Why do you Love to Act?
  • I get to say things that other people can only think off and I’d like to think that in the audience people can relate to what my character goes through and know things are going to be okay.

9. Which movie represents the best love story?
  • The Great Gatsby 

10. Which movie was the Best representation of a book?
  • “2 states” by Chetan Bhagat

12. If you had to choose a main character from a TV series/movie to come save you, who would you choose?

  • I’d choose Paul Walkers character from the Fast and Furious franchise. 

13. Who’s your favorite director?
  • Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen and Jayan Moodley

14. What’s your favorite mythical creature / monster from a movie / TV series?
  • Pegasus from Hercules

15. Can you do any accents? 
  • I can do loads….but they probably should be done when nobody is around haha.

Keeping up with the Kandasamys

First question, how did you keep a straight face on screen when all the comedy was happening?
  • It was so difficult not to Crack when the scenes were rolling. The dialogue was hilarious and the delivery was perfect. I used to pinch my leg control myself.

How did you find out about the movie and what was the process like to get the role of Prishen Naidoo?
  • It was advertised on social media platforms that this audition was happening and I contacted the production and booked my slot. Prishen was a clean cut gentlemen attached with a phrase “Mr shy guy” so I had to be very sweet and shy, always clean shaven and neat hair. I also spent time with medical students to understand the little nuances that make them unique, I was playing a younger Guy so my energy levels had to be slightly higher and more engaging and just madly in love with the girl next door.
Your co-star Mishqah Parthiephal plays your love interest, Jodi Kandasamy. What was it like filming all those iconic romance scenes?
  • It’s never easy to create romantic love scenes on camera, there’s 40 people around you and a camera in your face, so being cast opposite Mishqah was just fantastic. I’ve worked with her in 3 films already over a period of 7 years so our synergy was brilliant and we share a deep love for film so it was really nice to create these cinematic iconic moments of young love. She’s amazingly talented and a dear friend.
As with anyone in the creative industry, rejections plays a big part in our lives. How do you deal with it?
  • Rejection is the most common part of being in this industry, it’s not for the faint hearted so you have to be tough, accept it and either better your talents or better your craft. You cannot sit back and lament over things. You have to keep moving.

16. What has been your biggest achievement so far?

  • I think I’m the only young Indian actor in South African with 2 feature films under the belt.
17. Music uplifts our mood, What is your go-to song when you need a pick me up?

  • 2 pac – Hit em up….Haha no I’m just kidding, it’s Chai ya Chai ya from Dilse.

18. When you do win an Oscar one day, who’s the one person you would take with you?

  • My mother, she’s a huge Meryl Streep fan.
19. What is your favorite inspirational quote?

  • “The best moments I’ve lived are the ones I forgot to take pictures off”

20. If there was just one nugget of wisdom you could share, what would that be?
  • Be respectful, be humble and give everyone as much love as you can, the world needs more love.

Follow His Journey:

Quick Fire {Choose One}

Movies or Tv Series 

Hollywood or Bollywood

Dancing or Singing: 
Working out in the gym

Romance or Comedy

Books or Movies

Superman or Batman: 

[NEWS JUST IN] Keeping Up With The Kandasamys would like to thank the media and public for their continuous support over the past 4 weeks. We are about to enter our 5th week and we have reached over R10,000,000 at local #BoxOfficewith an attendance of nearly 190 000 people. Thank you! Here's to telling our OWN stories!#StillInCinemas

With R16.1MillionπŸ’° ' Keeping Up With The Kandasamys ' has broken Leon Schuster 's Box Office record of consecutive SA highest grossing films!

Felicidades EPICA!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰
#KeepingUpwiththeKandasamys #BreakTheBox

Keeping up with the Kandasamys is a rib-tickling family comedy about two matriarchs of neighbouring families whose young adult children become romantically involved, and despite their best efforts to keep them apart, they are forced to acknowledge that in the end “love will always prevail.” Just how far will one go to serve one's own selfish needs? And will they learn that in the end, it really is just happiness that matters? It’s a case of “love they neighbour…but don’t get caught.”

I; Enricoh Alfonzo; undoubtedly, vehemently, and whole-heartedly recommend this movie to everyone. 

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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Dancer Tag: Damigio Esbach

Inspire. Create. Write.TM

Bonjour vous les gens Γ©piques

It's a new week with a whole new set of probabilities & awesome paths your life can take.
Let's kickit off with #WednesdayWisdom

See the reason that I do these Tags, is to show you that: 
"Anything is possible if you've got enough Nerve." ~JK Rowling. 

Ms. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Ricard Branson, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Steven Spielberg, Trevor Noah and the list goes on and on. What do they all have in common?

They are YOU!

Yes, they started out just like you, regular, human, with regular families, regular friends, regular skills. But they Dreamed, oh boy did they ever Dream. More importantly, they put in the hard work, the maximum effort & that is truly how they ended up where they are today. You don't need 7 secrets, 20 techniques or an all weekend program to be successful. You need only realize that EVERYONE who ever accomplished anything started exactly where you will start. Once you do, all that anxiety & doubt will disappear, in its place, a beautiful and powerful Magic will start to grow.

The Magic of YOU!

So I beseech you, start to Dream again, start to Believe in You because I already do. I have faith that all of you can & will accomplish incredible and insurmountable feats. Your dream is still there, I promise you it's still there. Reach out and Soar with it.

Check out the amazing Sitaare Dance Academy !
Dance Lessons & Event Bookings now available .

So let me introduce you to a dancer I recall from the days when my sister use to dance. As with how all these tags start, we connected via social media and I expressed my interest in wanting to do a Dancer Tag. He's a brilliant dancer and his answers are as unique as his name. ;-)

"Let the world tremble as it senses all that you are about to accomplish"

I am Damigio Esbach. Welcome to my world.
Defining the thoughts of the eccentric intellectual artistry.​
I am an individualist with a passion for;
- Dance
-​ Fashion
- ​Martial Arts
- Creative Arts
- Presenting
- ​Script writing

I find beauty in the dark arts and make sure to emote through sadistic words of wisdom, adding philosophy to everything that I do. ​​Life is never a bore when we see beyond...A subjective mindset. "To find yourself, Think for yourself - Be yourself."

Dancing from the age of 11 has brought me happiness, love and pleasure and given me the opportunity to meet and share the stage with many famous celebrities and amazing artists.

Dancer Tag:

When did you start dancing? 
  • At the age of 11. 
What are your favorite styles of dance? 
  • Contemporary hip hop :D 
What are your least favorite styles of dance? 
  • Honestly dance is life, whether it be hip hop to Pasa Doble, I enjoy any communion where my body movements meet music. 
Are you a competitive dancer? 
  • Not necessarily, Dance is one of the aspects that has become therapy to my well being so fortunately for me, the only person that I do compete with is the dancer that I was yesterday. 
What is one dance flaw that you have that you would change? 
  • I am not able to dance in Jeans! Haha I wish I could be as free in them as normal people. 
What is your favorite dance step? 
  • I love to Tutt and I also love locking my body. 

What do you want to improve on? 
  • I would love to improve on through dance genres and learn so much more – I was not privileged enough to go for any sort of professional training so I believe there is so much more dance education that is calling my name. 
What is your favorite dance wear brand? 
  • Most of the time we design and create our own dance outfits but I do love Puma and Nike clothes when I dance. Not for the name, I love the style. 

What styles of dance do you currently do? 
  • I do Hip hop, hip cop contemporary, Bollywood, Bollywood contemporary, Tutting, freestyle and then I have my own “style” in every genre that I do. 
  • Watch this dance rehearsal video of Damigio way back when

What dance studio do you go to? 

  • I don’t unfortunately and I’ve never been part of an actual studio. Passion lives right here in my heart for dance.

What is your favorite dance memory?

  • Opening up for Jay Sean in 2010 and having bouncers escort me to the car cause I had so many people wanting to take pictures with me! I felt famous haha!

What dancer do you look up to?

What style of dance do you find the most difficult? 

  • Traditional Indian dance and Ballet. – since I have knee injuries haha.

Damigio is part of Sitaare Dance Academy
SK Boutique

Why do you love dance? 
I suffer, or should I say, suffered from Chronic depression. Dance and God became my best friend and my savior. Being able to feel every beat and lyric in a song and matching it with a movement in my body became therapeutic and the fact that I get to break free from societal grounds when the stage lights comes on allows me to tap into my “inner self” which honestly, feels like one of my greatest blessings. Dancing not only relieves me but makes me feel more grateful and closer to the almighty.

InsPire US

1. What is the best advice you were ever given? 

  • Randal from Idols told me (When I went onto SA’s got talent) – that I should dance solo because I would go far and one of my “Fans” once said, I should always take myself with me on stage because that is the best part of the performance. That was a compliment but also reminded me to always take a piece of me in everything I do, from concepts to choreography. (In a way it was advice)

2. What has been your biggest achievement so far? 

  • Performing with famous Zee TV actors and international Artists and my biggest achievement was when I was told by someone “You give me goosebumps and it is a pleasure to watch you dance” – the fact that they felt what I felt when I dance, there could be no greater satisfaction.

3. Music uplifts our mood, What is your go-to song when you need a pick me up? 

4. Complete the sentence, Happiness is… eating food after a good dance session.

5. Life can be stressful, what are your top 3 things to unwind? 

  • Dance, Pray and praise my good lord and chill with my animals.

6. What is your favorite inspirational quote? 

  • “I ain’t for everybody.. and I Ain’t trying to be” 
  • and also “ It’s not my revolution if I can’t dance to it” (I have this tattooed)

7. If there was just one nugget of wisdom you could share, what would that be? 
Always, always, no matter what, embrace your inner fire and create your own self. 
To find yourself, Think for yourself. – Once you understand the significance of this – you will learn to cherish who you are!

Damigio is Currently working on:

“This love is hard” – a dance performance (Choreographed by me) to create awareness for Drug addiction and domestic violence through dance.

In the performance, I am the Addiction and I am the abusive partner but my focus is dedicated to what an actual drug addict would go through, trying to let go of their addiction and what a lady would go through while trying to fight the love she has for a man who has no respect and integrity to value another.

Quick Fire (choose one)

Barefoot or dance shoes?

Tights or no tights? 
No tights please!

Classic or Modern? 

Antique or brand new clothes? 

Books or movies? 
Books definitely – I love reading!

Sky dive or bungee jump? 
Can I do both please?

Want to read more Tags? Check out the previous ones:

Follow Damigio's amazing adventures:

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Friday 10 March 2017

Book Character Interview with Nomvula #ThePreyofGods

Buenos Dias!!

 Happy Friday Dance!! 

I love this scene! Tom Cruise should definitely do more of this! hahaha was so surprising.
Last week we posted

The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden: Cover Reveal

The feedback was amazing! I'm so excited that you're excited for Nicky's upcoming book.
I'm even more jazzed to share with you a special Book Character Interview with the very special, Nomvula from The Prey of Gods book universe.

So the first treat we offer is that You can read the first chapter of the book

Second Treat is the Interview with Nomvula:

Tell me a little about yourself.
  • Well, my name is Nomvula, and I’m ten years old. I live in the Addisen township, a long bus ride from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I’ve never been to the city, but I hear it’s amazing—tall buildings and robots everywhere. I really like it here, too though. Everyone is friendly, except some of the kids who like to tease me about my golden eyes and my sick mother. It’s okay, you don’t have to look me in the eyes if you don’t want to. No one does. 

Err, they’re quite...striking. So my sources tell me that you can fly?
  • People can’t fly, silly. I mean, I used to pretend that I could, but that was way back when I was a little kid. I know the difference between real and pretend now that I’m almost a woman. Who told you about that, anyway?
We have a mutual friend, a Mr. Tau?
  • Oh, him? He says a lot of things that aren’t true. My ma says he’s dangerous. We shouldn’t talk about him. 
Well, what should we talk about then?
  • Mmmm. How about food? My Mama Zafu, that’s my auntie, is the most amazing cook! She takes care of me mostly, since my ma is so sick. Her beef stew just melts in your mouth. Have you ever tried it? It’s beef shins and onions and carrots and tomatoes, plus basil, rosemary, and thyme from her herb garden. Goes great with a tangy slice of beer bread fresh out of the oven. Mr. Tau makes wonderful beer bread, the best I’ve ever had.
I thought you said we shouldn’t talk about Mr. Tau.
  • Well, we shouldn’t, but if we don’t tell my ma that we talked about him, then I think it’s okay. I won’t tell her. Will you?
Of course not.
  • Good. Because Mr. Tau is amazing. He’s an artist, you know. He carves figures out of wood and sells them in the city to tourists. He also tells great stories about the olden days when all there was of the world was a giant scab of lava, then there were walking, talking tree mothers brought to life by animal spirits, and then warring demigods, and then-- 
Did any of those demigods fly?
  • Well, sure, some of them. The ones descended from eagles could soar, high up in the air, with wings that sprouted from their backs. They flew so high, they felt like they could touch the sun! They did tricks in the sky, clouds cool against their skin. And from up there, they could see everything--the land, the ocean, and sometimes they flew so, so far to the next township over, where the kids wouldn’t tease them and make fun of them because their strange eyes or their sick, sick mother. Hey, why are you looking at me like that?
Nomvula, I hope you don’t mind if I ask this again, but can you fly?
  • People don’t fly. 

Yes, people don’t, but do you?

  • (Silence)

  • Sorry, can’t answer any more of your questions. I’ve got to fly. I mean go. I’ve got to go. Walking. Ma’s probably starving in her shack, wondering why I haven’t brought her bowl of pap to her yet. Oh, you know, here’s a great recipe for beer bread, if you’re interested. It’s really good. You’ll love it, I promise. Okay, thanks, bye!

3rd Treat is this AWESOME

Beer and cheese bread for lazy bakers

Harper Voyager Trade Paperback Original
A new voice in the tradition of Lauren Beukes, Ian McDonald, and Nnedi Okorafor comes a fantastic, boundary-challenging tale, set in a South African locale both familiar and yet utterly new, which braids elements of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and dark humor

Add THE PREY OF GODS to your GoodReads TBR now

Pre-Order your copy of THE PREY OF GODS

***Open InterNationally***
Subscribe to Nicky Drayden's awesome email list & stand a chance to WIN your very own copy of THE PREY OF GODS

If you can't wait until June for Nicky Drayden's new release The Prey of Gods, here are some of her Delightfully Twisted Tales to tide you over!



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Monday 6 March 2017

Guest Post by Akasha Garnier on the 2017 #Oscars

~ Celebrate What it is to Live a Life ~

Gracias Alfonzo Words for sharing your blogging journey and your recent 200K Page Views per month milestone and success! I am grateful to have shared great social media fun with our coloring image contest, cover reveal, movie and foodie tags, giveaways and live launch for #ShineThroughTheNoise . I am continuing to connect the dots to bring my travel thriller series “Davanti” to the page and silver screen. I am also in talks with adding a sequel to my first indie film, Influence . In the meantime, I will be gathering success stories like Alfonzo Words and some friends and travelers who have put #ShineThroughTheNoise into practice for personal and professional growth. I am still donating 10% of proceeds to my Chicago and LA charity partner: Teen Cancer AmericaWe will be announcing more community events together in the near future! 
With the precedent and political climate set during the 2017 awards season, film aficionados and fashionistas were wondering what #Oscars2017 would bring.

#Oscars2017 ~ Celebrate What it is to Live a Life

Are the Academy Awards representing style or substance? Frequently Oscar movies are about deep subjects and historical journeys, but this year present several new ideas to consider. Many saw "La La Land" as a paean to old Hollywood and the zany lives of many Angelenos in the film industry. Some called it "frothy" and wondered if escapism would prevail, or if the Oscars would play it straight and serious by paying homage to "Moonlight" as Best Picture?

Voila, now we all know what happened next. The Oscar stage and the ballot counts, cast upset as a new norm.

Emma Stone on the Oscars red carpet, shortly before her win for Best Actress. We could see the metallic trend taking shape, accented by political points in pin form.
Emma Stone in Givenchy Haute Couture by Ricardo Tisci/Getty Images.
The Huffington Post framed it on point: "Emma Stone will be the least disappointed of the La La Land crew, having scored a triple win: an Oscar, a Planned Parenthood pin, and one of the best dresses of the night. The gold, fluid-fringed Givenchy gown looked like a more evolved, more expensive version of the yellow dress which Stone wears in La La Land, and it is fitting to stay in character–this is an acting prize, after all."
Viola Davis was the one to beat they said. Here she's poised in Armani Prive. 
She went on to become the first black woman to win an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony award for acting.
See all the dresses from this year's red carpet.
Check out the men on the red carpet.

As the red carpet parade was underway, K. Patrick Tutera and I were having a photoshoot and catching up on our arrival with photographer and suave driver in tow. Extra thank you and toast to Bre and the Hollywood Roosevelt guest relations team who reached out to make sure we had built in enough travel time and knew arrival protocol.
As the red carpets were winding down. Patrick and I had a chance to catch some candids in character on our way to the Oscars soiree.

Akasha, all dressed up with somewhere wonderful to go! (Photos: Devin Green unless listed otherwise. Akasha's hair by Lisett Munoz and make-up by Alex of Killer Hair.) 
Chauffeured ride paired with truffle pate and Ferrari-Carano.

Patrick Tutera took this photo in the library and then I took the ones of him above and below. 
There were smiles, and I believe we both wear our dimples well. I respect that Patrick is an actor and filmmaker, so we did get a serious one as well. Gotta love the custom tux he purchased for this evening! Well played, bello.

The Blossom Ballroom gourmet soiree was sponsored by Piper champagne. the official champagne of The Oscars. When I asked Bre Smith from the Roosevelt and Blossom Ballroom team if she had a favorite course from the evening's menu, she said: "I'm a champagne girl. As long as there's champagne, everything else is secondary!" She also told me that they knew the dinner should be held in one room - the main event with the grand space where the first Oscars' guest gathered. AND they are gearing up for even more special celebrations as they get ready for the 90th Academy Awards.

Patrick and I both had reasons to celebrate with the his "The Last Hurrah" film festival track and my 
#ShineThroughTheNoise book and branding projects reaching 9 countries and winning Marcom awards. I truly appreciate that we both have things to celebrate. #Truth - the Piper champagne was fantastic! We also both really enjoyed the prime rib carving station and extra tender chicken with sundried tomato.

We both tweeted some highlights from the show (without becoming completely glued to our phones, fortunately). Give Patrick's gamesmanship a look and a follow. (Last Hurrah Film) I am sure we will both have new things to share and celebrate soon!
Check out the foreshadowing and stills from the Best Picture debacle. 

I will leave you with some wisdom from an outstanding speech:

Viola Davis, best supporting actress winner, Fences

"There’s one place that all the people with the greatest potential are gathered – that’s the graveyard. People ask me all the time, what kind of stories do you want to tell, Viola? And I say exhume those bodies, exhume those stories, the stories of the people dream big and never saw those dreams to fruition, people who fell in love and lost. I became an artist and thank God I did, because we are the only profession that celebrates what it is to live a life. Here’s to August Wilson, who exhumed, and exalted, the ordinary people."

Thank you again Enricoh, and blogging community for this guest author opportunity. I'll see you on the flipside. :)

Cheers & fair winds,

~Akasha Lin

About our Iridescent Guest Blogger

Akasha’s proud of her work as a writer, producer, and actress; she balanced branding work as a writer and producer in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, Paris/Cannes, Maui and Hawaii. She excels at helping clients shine with 15 awards/accolades since 2007.

Akasha also enjoys giving back through her Promo Partners 
The main partner right now is The Who’s Charity: Teen Cancer America and her Italian family’s Fantastic Restaurants; Nando Milano 

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