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The Originals (TV Series): Review

Family is Power
DeviantArt Cred: crystalpearl66
A family of power-hungry thousand-year-old vampires, seek to take back the city that they built and dominate all those who have done them wrong.

Quote: I'll tell you what I know about death, Camille. Death dances silently in everyone's shadow, and she doesn't give a damn. So why give a damn about her?

Seriously, the English make everything sound so elegant. Don't they?

Whether it’s Elijah’s maddening quest to find redemption for his brother, Rebekah’s over rebellion against her brother or Klaus’s quest for kingship. I am thoroughly hooked on this show. It has everything I want: family, power, love, death, war, vampires that are almost unstoppable.
Above are the truly memorable stars of the show that have made it into legend. From left: Elijah, Klaus, Hayley & Marcel.

In this world, the First Vampires were called the Original Family. They are the strongest and are highly resistance to conventional vampire killing items.

Klaus Mikaelson is a thousand-year-old vampire/werewolf hybrid that is as powerful as he is cunning. His diabolical plans have been known to have many layers and crescendos. Many in the literary world have fawned over the creation of such a villain. To hate him but yet somehow relate to him sees a true genius in the author L. J Smith’s works. He would have never been given his own TV Show otherwise. When last have you seen the villain of a show get his own TV Series? I’m dying to know. His tortured Love story with Camile has been going on almost as long as Haley & Elijah. She really is a great character, though, very emotionally grounded & serves as a great turning point for Klaus.  #Klamile

Elijah Mikaelson is the third oldest Original sibling with a penchant for the sophisticated, Major props to Daniel Gillies for making this character awesome. Tailored expensive suits, ripping out hearts without so much as a smear of blood on them. Now that’s power. I love it! He’s one of the coolest characters I’ve ever seen. His love story with Haley only adds to his addictive storyline, making you root for them for over 3 seasons now. When will they get a chance? Or is it better that they don’t? 
DeviantArt Cred: crashspyro98

The amount of fan-fiction I can write on this show is endless.
What I enjoy the most are the challenges that're thrown at the family. Seeing as they are some of the most powerful beings on the earth. The show makes them face almost impossible odds that only as a family can they endure and overcome. It makes for entertaining viewing.

My best bro digs True Blood more, only because the vampires there are more vicious, powerful and have way more sex. Yes, True Blood was a great show but the originals are more grounded and seem more realistic.

In truth, we have to thank author Stephanie Meyer as without her Twilight series, vampires would have not been so popular, especially with teenagers. True blood, The Vampires diaries and subsequently The Originals would have never aired. She did start it all. Although on that same thought, Blade and the Underworld series should be thanked too as they kept the vampire genre going. Plus the vampire/werewolf hybrid from Underworld was significantly more badass than Klaus in his hybrid form. Don’t get me wrong Klaus is a great power-hungry, neck-biting Mofo* but you can’t beat the Michael vs. Victor fight.

The Originals is a great show, with powerful characters, intricate plots and demanding emotions. Prepare to be hooked.
Personal rating: 10/10

In the days to come, I will add more reviews of my favorite TV shows and Movies. 
Let me know your thoughts about the show. All views are welcome.
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The Mikaelson Family
Haley & Elijah

Klaus Mikaelson

Wednesday 27 April 2016

The Flash (TV Series): Review

"My name is Barry Allen, and I am the Fastest man alive."

The fastest man alive isn’t a just comic book anymore.   
Barry Allen wakes up 9 months after he was struck by lightning and discovers that the bolt gave him the power of super-speed. With his new team and powers, Barry becomes "The Flash" and fights crime in Central City. 

Barry Allen: What is happening? What is going on? 
Cisco Ramon: You were struck by lightning, dude. 
Barry Allen: What? Lightning gave me abs?

A well-adapted version of a fan-favorite comic book series, the Flash has well-rounded characters, unique plots, and twists with the right amount of spectacular superhero vs. super villain showdowns.
Although during certain fights you can clearly see, that the Flash is pure CGI, the rest of the show makes up for this. Grant Gustin as the Flash, heavily carried the show in the first season, with Cisco Ramon a close second. But since then, more characters have started to show some promise. Doctor Harrison Wells in this second season is way more entertaining and provides a much-needed depth to the character.

I was pleasantly surprised when Grant Gustin sang on the show, though too short a scene, it was still pretty cool. Only through minimal investigation (Google) did I find out that the he acted in the TV Series, Glee. More of that singing, I say. I enjoy how Barry has to use this one power of Super Speed in different ways in order to take on the baddies. To say that they have practically thought of every which way to use the speed force is an understatement. Who knew having a hero with one power would be so popular and yet there you have it.

What is it with the super powered always falling madly in love with the human women? Seriously, it’s got to stop. What do they even do for them I wonder? I was almost bouncing with joy in the new animated Justice League films because Superman wasn’t all into Lois Lane for a change. More on that in my next post.

The show was well received by critics. The Website, Rotten Tomatoes reported a 96% approval rating with an average rating of 7.4/10 based on 55 reviews. I agree.

I’m not too jazzed that so many people know this guy’s secret but I am open minded about it, maybe it is time for a change. Often when things like this happen the shows barely address it. The TV Series Chuck is a prime example, do you know the number of times Chuck should have gotten shot or worse? It’s insane. It makes the whole government assassin genre look like nerd play. Don’t get me wrong I loved the show, yet it annoyed me at how trivial they make lethal matters. It’s the same with the Flash. Hello? Someone get kidnapped already or at least show that keeping the Flash’s secret is a tough thing to do.

I love Cisco’s portrayal in this series. He’s such a fan boy when it comes to the villains and the heroes. It’s no wonder why he’s so popular. Plus if you read the comic books, you’d realize he’s one of the most powerful characters there is, in the Flash-verse. Can’t wait for him to truly discover that on the show!

Bring on the popcorn and get ready for a comic book fantasy world come to life. It’s no Superman or Spiderman but it is its own! The Flash, oh yeah.
DeviantArt Cred: marconelor
Personal rating: 7/10

In the days to come, I will add more reviews of my favorite TV shows and Movies. 
Let me know your thoughts about the show. All views are welcome.
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Tuesday 26 April 2016

The Recipe of Love

Inspire. Create. Write. TM

Phantom pains had become the bane of my existence, to have to go through this hellish torture every day was as unfair as it was frustrating. Waking me before that blasted alarm clock could even try. 

"Margie...Margerie...Margerie!" I called out groggily, realizing all too late that she ain't even here to begin with. I grunted unhelpfully and kicked off the blanket with one leg. I used the assist handlebar that hung just above the bed, to heave myself up. Looking down I immediately felt unilateral anger well up inside me, letting out a sigh, I exhaled longingly. I closed my eyes and did as the Guru Vikram had requested, I said my affirmations. 

"I am still a man, I am still a husband...a father am I, still. I Will not let this define my existence. One step at a time is all I need. Aum Shanti, Aum Shanti Aum."

With that, I pulled over the titanium contraption and grabbed the lotion from the dresser. Margerie usually did this for me, and she did it so well. This would be my first day attaching it without her aid. My lubricated hands slowly crept down my leg, shaking all the way. When I reached the stub, that dull devil of a phantom crept up my body causing pain tremors to run through. I cursed loudly, shook my head out and began the slow, soothing rhythmic massaging over my stub. Once a sufficient amount was applied, I wrapped the stub in the elastic sleeve and carefully mounted the titanium contraption. It slipped in comfortably enough and I wholeheartedly ignored the feeling of ice cold metal. 
The major concern was getting up, thankfully, my thoughtful Margerie made sure the assist-handlebar that hung from the ceiling, was also attached to a railing that could be moved around the room in a circuit. So I gripped the handle and hoisted myself up, balancing my weight on the one leg. I clenched my heart and placed the remaining weight on the other leg. The pressure of metal against bone and muscle hurt like the seven hells but I endeavored, my affirmations still fresh in my head. 

Today’s mission was of the utmost importance which would determine the very future of my existence. I grabbed my lion-headed cane to steady myself as I limped my way into the living room. It took me twenty-seven minutes longer just to get to the supermarket & restaurant for supplies. By the time I reached home, my legs gave way & I plummeted into the leather-covered comforter. Reaching over to the landline, I dialed the only two numbers I bothered remembering.
“Buenos Dias Papa!” My mind eased at the sound of my Becca’s voice, chuckling at her words.

“I see Spain is agreeing with you then my little bumblebee.”
“Oh Yes! It’s totes fantastic, can I stay here forever Papa?”

Becca spent the largest part of the conversation talking my ear off about the sites & bites of Spain in all its glory. I was content to just listen. We hung up minutes later, only for me to dial a number that I had been dreading to dial.

Please don’t be enjoying yourself too myself My Margie, please. I thought.

“Hello, Jeremiah.” A stern monotone voice countered.

“Missy. Where is my Margie?” I grumbled, not at all pleased with who answered my wife’s phone.

“She enjoying her life, brother-in-law. Can’t come to the phone.” Missy spat out the word ‘brother-in-law’ like that title wasn’t going to last for much longer. If she had her way, I had no doubt that my assumption would come true. I hung up abruptly, utterly pissed off now, then altogether fell into melancholy. After all, this was my fault.

Five years, six tours in the army & not a single scratch on me. One miserable accident on my motor bike & BOOM! Crippled for life. Not even going to make the excuse of a 'mid-life crisis' now that the kids were all grown up. Not even going to justify my mistake. But that was not the worst of it. If I had been distant before, I became further more so once I lost my leg. The defeat in me was palpable in its despair, taking out all my frustration on Margerie. I got up and went over to the TV cabinet where a photograph of Margie lay. It was beautifully taken such was Becca’s talent. Margie was out in the garden, tending to her tulips when Becca caught her just as the wind swept through her cropped brown hair, indulging in a closed-lidded reverence at the feeling. She looked almost ethereal and so damn good for her age. The next photo was the one taken on our wedding day. 
DeviantArt Cred: HalatSoph

What an ass I had been. Margie had been so supportive after the accident, taking care of my every waking need. I would be bathed, clothed & feed on a daily basis, to which I barely noticed. Consumed with my hatred for my predicament. It had all become too surreal, realizing just how much I had taken for granted, the ability to walk on two legs. How could I feel like a man again? How could I feel like a lover again? It tormented through all the seconds a day had to spare, devouring my mind into an abyss. The day before she left for her sister’s place, was the worst still. 

She had been helping me to fit on my artificial limb when the blasted thing sent my nerve endings into a wall of fire. I lashed out screaming at her for incompetence and rocketing that silver leg into one of the mirrors in our room. The sprawling glass had caught her in the arm. The thing about my Margie was that she didn’t make a fuss at all, she calmly cleaned herself up & with love still within her eyes, she announced she would go see Missy for a few days. It was that very next morning that the earth-shattering realization dawned on me, I had been blaming my sweet sweet Margie all along. Lashing out at her, believing her not to understand what I felt like. A part of me still thinking that she would be gloating over my pain for not listening to her about the motor bike in the first place.

I shook myself out of those wallowing thoughts, no, this was not the time to get lost in reflection. I had created this problem, now was the time for action. I was going to win back the love of my life, the mother of my children, the heart of my heart. Years ago, Margie had fallen in love with Indian cuisine during our vacation to India. Her favorite among it was butter chicken. To start in my begging for her forgiveness, I was going to prepare that meal for her. It had been decided that any One gesture would definitely not be worthy of an apology to her. I would come to prove to her each & every day going forward, just how much she means to me. Granted, it had been years since I have used a stove or cooked anything for that matter. One of the many things, I had to repent for with her.

15 minutes later…

Things were going great! The ingredients mixed into the pot well, it smelled & looked good. I was feeling nine shades of proud with myself, excited about seeing Margie’s reaction to all of this. Too late did I realize that I had incorrectly placed the bottle of oil. It toppled over as I reached out a hand unconsciously, oil greased the floor beneath me. I gripped out frantically but the only thing I caught was the handle of the pot. And so I, together with the pot, joined the now very slippery floor. 

CLANG! I closed my eyes tight in anticipation for the pain that was soon to follow…but none came. Looking up I saw that, thankfully, my hated prosthetic had taken the brunt of the curry'd explosion. Made a note to appreciate it later.

For now, I had to slap my forehead in embarrassment and thank Christ that the kids hadn’t been here to see that. After cleaning everything up, I chose to empty my metaphorical cup so to speak. Forgetting everything I knew and started the recipe anew.
First, I doubled checked my inventory of ingredients.

Swallowing my pride, I gave Guru Vickram a call. Anything for my Margie. Step by step he walked me through what to do.

As instructed, I began by marinating the chicken, which involved a helluva messy affair. I used the lemon juice, turmeric, tandoori spice with the ginger & garlic paste for this part. Allowing the chicken to be imbued with spicy goodness, I took a break to watch the last quarter of the game on the telly. Next, I added the required two tablespoons of Butter Ghee to a new pot, letting it liquefy before adding cumin seeds & mustard. Once the seeds started to pop I included the sliced onions and completed the mixture with 250ml of hot water when the onions started to brown. Then I toppled the chopped tomatoes & the reminder of the spices into the concoction, splurging on some sugar as well for the sauce. 
Funnily enough, this reminded me of that cartoon my Becca loved as a kid. What was it called? Pugglypuff girls? What I do remember is that they were created by ingredients. Sugar, spice & everything nice. With the added bonus of chemical X. Didn’t that just make me believe that my Margie was created with the very same ingredients? Definitely posing that special X factor, having waited for me through my long tours away, raising more of our kids than I ever did, being a loving wife and taking care of me after the accident. She truly was the greatest thing I have ever done with my life.

Guru Vikram was very specific of the temperature settings & when to reduce it along the process. In a separate frying pan, I sautéed the chicken in ghee & oil (careful this time to relocate the bottle as far away as possible). The rich aroma of sizzling spicy chicken permeated the room, leaving me light-headed & my tummy growling. Sufficiently cooked now, I tumbled the chicken into the sauce. My leg was in burning fury but I ignored it, so focused was I on the task at hand. After about ten cruel minutes on high heat, I administered the fresh cream & garnished with chopped coriander to finish off my ministrations. The ten-ton tension on my shoulders eased after a very elongated sigh, I did it! I survive my very first cooking fiasco in years.

Later that night….

Like an antelope on high-alert, I stood there, painstakingly waiting for my Margie to enter through the doorway.

“Jerry….Jerry! I’m home.” Margerie called as she walked into the kitchen from the garage. She squinted into the darkness. I poised myself as best I could and switched on the lights. An audible gasp escaped her succulent lips. I could only imagine what she saw. The dining room table all decked out in her fancy table cloth, with her fancy plates. In the center a bouquet of her favorite flowers, Chrysanthemums. Dangling from the ceiling I had hung a few origami shapes, the very skill that had got me a date with this insanely hot woman in the first place. They danced with the air, reflecting light from the candles below. Then there was me, decked out in the Armani suit she had gotten me but had never worn, shaved faced and all spritzed up with that after-shave she too had gotten me in earnest.

Margarie clasped her hands together and blurted out, “Jerry, I just….I cannot believe this.” She sniffed at the air, surprise over taking her expression. “You! You made butter chicken as well?!” Tears stung her eyes now as if she didn’t deserve this, I cursed myself internally. This was definitely a problem I was going to deal with first.

Cursing more and with great effort, I approached her on bended knee & took her dainty hand in my gruff one.

“My Margie, my sweet sweet Margie. You have no idea how sorry I am for how I’ve treated you this past year and even before that still. If you’d let me, I’d like to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Starting with this, because you deserve it all and so much more.”

Margie fell to her knees beside me & hugged me close. Her heavenly scent, carrying me into the best peace I’ve had in years. I vowed silently that I would never let go of her, ever again. 

DeviantArt Cred: blondepassion
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Monday 25 April 2016

Top 10 Best Superheroines of All Time

A Superheroine is defined as is a type of heroic character who possesses extraordinary talents, supernatural phenomena, or superhuman powers and who is dedicated to a moral goal or protecting the public.

So without extraneous explanation, here are the 

Top 10 Best SuperHeroines of All Time:

1. WonderWoman

DeviantArt Cred: artdude41
The demi-god warrior princess of the Amazons, think Zena but impressively more. Her depiction as a heroine fighting for justice, love, peace, and gender equality has led to Wonder Woman being widely considered a feminist icon. Diana Prince is without a doubt the badass numero Uno on this list, taking on gods, aliens and all manner of baddies with true Amazonian prowess. In her latest appearance on the animated film Justice League: War, she proved able to go toe to toe with Darkseid himself. It's a must watch. Her battles are as entertaining as her cadence. She first appeared in legend in 1941 and will now be given her first feature-length film in 2017! 

Origin: DC Comics created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston and first drawn by H. G. Peter.

2. Black Widow

DeviantArt Cred: Armando-Huerta
Adding to the mythos of appeal for Batman, is it any wonder that she has been so popular lately? Natasha Romanova is a human female, highly trained in the art of assassination. Hence the humble name. She's been ranked as one of the greatest comic book characters of all time. She is also an accomplished ballerina. Displaying an uncanny affinity for psychological manipulation, the Black Widow is as deadly as she is irresistible. Not always known for being forthcoming, Natasha is always on mission with more secrets up her sleeves than the CIA. We just couldn't get enough of her in the Avengers & Captain America films. 

Origin: Marvel Comics Created by editor and plotter Stan Lee, scripter Don Rico, and artist Don Heck.

3. Ms. Marvel

DeviantArt Cred: JPRart
Some might recognize her, some might not. She's worth mentioning at 3 due one of the most talked about debuts in comic book history. Kamala Khan is an American-Muslim Teenager from New Jersey, USA who has the crazy cool ability to Shapeshift. Her primary go-to adaptions of this power include elongating her limbs (stretching) and size manipulation. Comic book fans will know that she has Inhuman genes that were "activated" by the Terrigen Bomb. She ships the "Spidey-Marvel" relationship of Spiderman & her idol Carol Danvers. #OTP Having been well-received by the public & critics alike, Marvel Comics has shown yet again that it wants to include groups of the American population that have yet to be personally inspired by their heroes. The coolest part about all of this is that one of the chief creative editors for the character is a Muslim woman named Sana Amanat.

Quote: "Fabulous. Now I'm in trouble, too. This has to have happened for a reason. I saved one life, Does it stop there or do I go on? Maybe this is what I've been waiting for. Maybe I'm finally part of something... bigger."

Origin: Marvel Comics Created by editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona.

4. Hit-Girl

DeviantArt Cred: emmshin
Mindy McCready is the youngest by far on this list yet still one of the most lethal. Granted the character is extremely violent for her age & has received her fair share of controversy against that quirk. Hit-Girl still comes out swinging with one of the most entertaining reads out there. She takes out the baddies with a decisive flair that is akin to Deadpool's own eccentric magnetism. I for one hope there will be many more an appearance from her. 

Origin: Marvel's Imprint Icon Comics created by artist John Romita, Jr. and writer Mark Millar.

5. Supergirl

DeviantArt Cred: Artipelago
Cheers to all the fans, Supergirl finally has her own TV series which they have not stopped raving about. I do give it props for debuting a realistic version of the Martian Manhunter. In one of the animated movies, Batman analyzes that Kara Zor-El's genetic structure may allow her to absorb more of the suns rays than even Superman, effectively making her stronger than the Man of Steel himself. It might be poppycock but still she does have her powerful bouts of freedom. Always wanting to make a name for herself apart from her iconic cousin, will she succeed? Root for her. 

Origin: DC Comics created by writer Otto Binder and designed by artist Al Plastino.

6. Erza Scarlet

DeviantArt Cred: AthenaWyrm
Finally! A female anime character that was not over-shadowed or side-stepped by the male characters. We've seen so many anime shows where the female characters have only a few moments to shine before they are delegated to the supporting character role. She's smart, beautiful & one of the strongest characters from the manga/anime known as Fairy Tail. To give you but a glimpse, during a tournament for the honor of her Guild (Think magical community), one of the challenges was a house of Monsters. Each participate would have to challenge a number out of the 100 monsters within the house. In surprise, Erza challenged all One Hundred Monsters at Once! This only goes to show that she is a true superheroine, willing to do anything to protect the "Muggles" as well as the people she loves. She has one of the coolest powers invented, able to magically equip herself from an arsenal of weapons & armor. 

Origin: Fairy Tail Manga created & illustrated by Hiro Mashima.

7. Storm

DeviantArt Cred: TyRomsa
Can I just say, I'm in love with this artwork! It's is the perfect depiction of this Elemental Goddess. Who could very well annihilate entire cities if she so desired. Ororo Munroe is anything but so destructive. Constantly having to inhibit her emotions least her power become uncontrollable. The plus side is that she is incredibly wise & empathic towards others, having understood the strain a mutant power can be to maintain at calm levels. She's one of the most prominent X-Men with legendary exploits. We cannot wait for the X-Men: Apocalypse film in order to see her again. 

Origin: Marvel Comics created by writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum.

8. Buffy Summers

DeviantArt Cred: odysseyart
Back before Vampires twinkled like diamonds in the sunlight (Stephanie your books still rock!), there were honest to mother Mary, undead Vampires without souls. One girl in all of the world was chosen to grant them justice. The Slayer. Gifted with supernatural strength & reflexes, Buffy could fight even the oldest of old & come out victorious. Being that she was in high school, made her somewhat of a teen icon to young girls everywhere. Her romance with the en-souled Vampire Angel became the stuff of legend. The original uncut version of Bella & Edward. Except here, Bella Kicked Ass! It sucks socks that the TV series is over but you can still catch up on Buffy via the graphic novels released. The series creator wanted to deviate from the female horror victim stereotype & did he ever succeed in fifty shades of spades! Buffy is a strong female cultural icon.

Origin: Feature Film created by Joss Whedon.

9. Motoko Kusanagi

DevinatArt Cred: AnthonyFoti
Recently you may have heard something along these lines about the character: "ScarJo is playing her? Nooooooooo! They can't do this to us. Wasn't Black Widow enough for her?" 
This statement stems from the terrible past experience the public has had when an anime has been adapted for film & non-Asian cast members are chosen. In hope, this adaption might do the anime justice. Motoko is from a famed anime series called Ghost in The Shell. She is an augmented cybernetic human employed as a field commander in the fictional law-enforcement division. Being strong-willed, physically powerful, and highly intellectual, she is well known for her skills in deduction and hacking. Even with her insanely powerful skills, Motoko draws you in with her inate humanity and feminity. She believes she has an obligation to use her abilities for the benefit of others. It's a brilliant anime series to follow. 

Orgin: Anime/Manga Series created by Masamune Shirow.

10. Ellen Ripley

DeviantArt Cred: Schwester27
No list of Superheroines, worth its salt can be complete without listing Ellen Ripley. In an age where it was considered absolutely absurd for a female to lead a science fiction film, Sigourney Weaver, cemented her legend in cinematic history by bringing impossible power to the character of Ellen Ripley. Heralding her films for challenging gender roles & illutrasting that a female could be just as must of an action star as any actor before them. Ripley is often considered one of the most significant female protagonists in all of cinema, and is a prominent figure in American popular culture. 

John Scalzi, film critic and president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, wrote in 2011:
She’s not a sidekick, arm candy, or a damsel to be rescued. Ripley isn’t a fantasy version of a woman. Science fiction film is filled with hot kickass women doing impossible things with guns and melee weapons while they spin about like a gymnast in a dryer. As fun as that is to watch, at the end of the day it’s still giving women short shrift, since what they are then are idealized killer fembots rather than actual human beings. Ripley, on the other hand, is pushy, aggressive, rude, injured, suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, not wearing makeup, tired, smart, maternal, angry, empathetic, and determined to save others, even at great cost to herself. All without being a spinny killbot.

Origin: Film Series created by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett.


If we simply Must take a tally here, we've got Film/TV Series at 2, Anime/ Manga series at 2 with DC Comics at 2 & Marvel comics topping out again at a whopping 4 characters! Well, I'll be a son of a gypsy Queen, who would've thunk it? 

In the next post, I will list Top Ten Best Supervillains of All Time.

If you enjoyed reading this post, check out this post on Superman Vs. Spiderman!

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Top 10 Best Superheroes of All Time

A Superhero is defined as is a type of heroic character who possesses extraordinary talents, supernatural phenomena, or superhuman powers and who is dedicated to a moral goal or protecting the public.

So without extraneous explanation, here are the 
Top 10 Best Superheroes of All Time:

1. Batman

DeviantArt Cred: AndyFairhurst

Begrudgingly I had to list him as Number 1 for the sheer popularity of the character. Having appeared in numerous films, comics, animated movies/Tv series & video games in every year without fail. Batman is the closest to a realistic superhero for humanity, in fact, it is his very humanity that they cling to. Who doesn't want to see a badass human take on bad guys & win? We've all consumed every Batman adaption with vigor for the uniqueness of the character & his impressive skills. Batman's greatness strength lies in his being a detective above all else. Who else could have a contingency plan to take out the entire Justice League, including Himself!?

Origin: DC Comics created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.

2. Superman

DeviantArt Cred: Stevegoad

If it were up to me, he would be unanimously number One on this list but alas humans relate to humans. Been a fan of Superman for as long as I can remember. Yes, there are quirks that I'm not overjoyed by but I would be remiss if I didn't. On my 19th Birthday, I even got a Superman Tattoo! It's not only that he has the power but how he uses it, the way in which he values mankind above himself. Stronger than any god, but with the heart of the most humble human, Superman is a hero unlike any other I have seen. He is always willing to do or sacrifice anything to protect humanity.

Origin: DC Comics created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.

3. Goku

DeviantArt Cred: Cuete
As with the other two above, none have been more widely accepted & fan'd over than this trio. They have shot to stardom becoming Premiere Heroes in their own respective right. Anime is one of the most breathtaking art forms on this planet, producing the legend that is Goku. He is light-hearted, friendly & altogether hilarious but come time for a fight, he's all showdown material. Willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good on more than one occasion. This character will be remembered for a very long time to come indeed. Goku is an alien, who's species is known as Saiyans, battle-hungry warriors who grower stronger still with each fight. But like Superman, Goku's time on earth has made him absolutely attached to humanity and it's survival. 

Origin: Manga Series created by Akira Toriyama.

4. Spiderman

DeviantArt Cred: Alentrix

How could any list worth its salt, not include this dude? Spiderman is funny, witty, all bells of intelligent, superpowered & rocking the American flag colors. Guarding over the ever popular city of New York is an added bonus. As with the best superheroes, his origin story is one filled with great loss but developed into insurmountable heroship. I should mention that like the previous 3, Spiderman possesses an indomitable Will. Able to always follow through on convictions without
doubt. It is their greatest character trait that gives us all goosebumps to watch. 

Origin: Marvel Comics created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko.

5. Deadpool

DeviantArt Cred: PatrickBrown
OOoooh Yeah! After that blockbuster this valentines day that brought holy hell down on box office records, how could anyone say they do not know this dude? As a comic book fan, you'd be cray cray in the hay hay not to have known this guy before the movie. One of the very few characters to break the fourth wall, date Death itself & use guns in a superhero fight. He's the classic anti-hero with a mind that no one can control. There's just so much to love about this guy, he's like Spiderman & the Punisher had a baby. You get all of the killing & all of the hilarious banter. I've never been bored reading a Deadpool comic. 

Origin: Marvel Comics created by artist/writer Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza.

6. Iron Man

DeviantArt Cred: GabeFarber

Another fan favorite for all the reasons they love Batman. He's rich, suave, highly intelligent & by combining those traits...he gave us one hell of an entertaining superhero. Iron Man's suit is every tech-lovers fantasy, it's also aesthetically bad ass. I think what also appeals is a number of screw ups this guy goes through. I mean he created Ultron after all and out of all of the heroes probably suffers from the most hubris. That's what makes it fascinating to watch. Arrogance & Charm are in, Moral compass is out. Tony does have his redeeming qualities of course, when the chips are down he's who you want in your corner. 

Origin: Marvel Comics created by Stan LeeJack Kirby & Don Heck.

7. Naruto Uzumaki

DeviantArt Cred: Quirkilicious

Naruto has most assuredly been a sleeper hit, starting off with a slow following then taking off without warning. The show has built up quite an impressive worldwide base of loyal followers. Uzumaki, Naruto is similar to Goku in that everything outside of battle is light-hearted & fun. Bring on any battle & you can't help but root for this guy as his sheer tenacity overcomes the most impossible of odds. If ever an underdog story you love, this is the show for you. He will make you laugh, cry, cheer, bleed, holler & hoot. Naruto has one of the strongest willpower I have ever seen. 

Origin: Manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto.

8. Wolverine

DeviantArt Cred: PatrickBrown
His violent escapades have made him a titular anti-hero in many a fan's heart. With a badass look & temper to boot, The Wolverine was all people could talk about at one point. Without him, there wouldn't have been such a widely accepted film version of Deadpool. Always at odds with his memory loss & de-accelerated aging, Logan is always viewed as the lone wolf type without any roots. In his ferocity, he is unique to the heroes listed before him, called the Beserker Rage for a reason. 

Origin: Marvel Comics created by writer Len Wein and Marvel art director John Romita, Sr.

9. Hulk

DeviantArt Cred: MarkHRoberts
 Another character known for his rage & violent tendencies. Together with the Wolverine, the pair are among some of the most misunderstood characters. With other heroes often taking sides against them, believing them too dangerous to be left unchecked. The Hulk is regarded as one of the most physically powerful in the Marvelverse, whose strength only increases with his rage. In truth, sometimes all we want to see is a hero go all out frenzy mode to take out some bad guys. It's the inhibition of it all that appeals. 

Origin: Marvel Comics created byStan Lee and Jack Kirby.

10. Thor

DeviantArt Cred: GENZOMAN
I came across this quote in my research: "He's a God as Strong as the Hulk, energy output on the level of the silver surfer, heart of CaptAmerica, fighting skills of Black Panther and he's a God!"
Haha interesting analogy hey? 
Here we have an honest to legend god in the midst and he's become a superhero. If that's not cool I don't know what is. You don't see Appolo or Osiris flying around to stop bad guys, now do you? 
My favorite quote is from the Avengers movie: "Shakespeare in the park?" 
Thor is the half-blooded God of both Odin & Gaea, as such he is far more powerful than your average Asgardian. His feats of accomplishment range out of text and extraordinary within the Marvelverse. Like Superman, he has to greatly stifle his power in battle least he break the Earth in two. On occasion too, he has been known to let loose and it has been glorious to watch. 

Origin: Norse Mythology firstly. Secondly, Marvel Comics created by editor-plotter Stan Lee, scripter Larry Lieber, and penciller-plotter Jack Kirby.


If we must take a tally here, we've got DC Comics at 2 characters, Anime/Manga at 2 characters & Marvel Comics at a whopping 6 characters! Well, I'll be a son of a gypsy Queen, who would've thunk it? 

In the next post, I will list Top Ten Best Supervillains of All Time.

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