Monday, 18 April 2016

Why Cracked Feet will Kill you.

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Ever hear the saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”?
Day to Day, with the way we consume time. It’s almost absurdly easy for anyone to say, Ain’t nobody got time for that, isn’t it?

Imagine for a microscopic second, that you’re walking up your cobblestoned driveway after a long & grueling Monday workday. The air is crisp with the freedom you feel and you cannot wait for your husband/wife, fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend or cat to greet you. All you want in life is to shower, eat & relax. But hold on just a darn tootin’ minute, the world is wobbly, the air is now pungent with the pain you feel writhing from your feet all the way to your heart. Splat!

The horrible truth is nigh here.
The most shocking part is that, “Around 70,000 people are hospitalized with it every year.”

Now I could work out the statistical variance with a percentage value for the chances of you, Personally being involved in that amount. But, yes you guessed it, Ain’t nobody got time for that

Crazy averages aside, When you list ways for you to die:
Gettin’ shot up-side the head, being drowned in a river, finding them lumps & bumps or getting mugged in a dark alley.

Cracked Heels doesn’t sound worth it, does it?
Excellento! So let’s get with the smooth and fixin’.

Below you will find the Products on review today.


How to Use:
  1. Here’s the kicker, though, it’s literally 2 minutes before you shower and 1 minute after. Hardly a ridiculously vigorous routine ey? All the products above can be found in One-Stop at Clicks stores Nationwide. While there, won’t you pick up an awesome heel file, it’ll come in mad-handy shortly.
  2. So the recipe for smoothness is thus folded, make sure the heel file is dry, begin to use one side to work on your right heel & the other to work on your left. The key is to find a gentle rhythm, remember you aren’t scrubbing for gold, so go easy will ya? The tiny particles of the dermis should look like white dust on your heels by now. Afterward, apply the Clicks – Exfoliating Foot Scrub in calm swirling motions with an outstretched palm. As per above mention, this should take you under 2 minutes to complete.
  3. Exactly as you are (Clothing optional), hoppity hop into that sweet, warm embrace of water gushing down your body.
  4. Once dried out after your shower, settle down and take out either the Clicks – Repairing Heel Balm or the Vaseline - Intensive Care Camphor Restore Cream. If you like symmetry, I would suggest the Heel Balm but if you’re product rebel, I would recommend the Vaseline.
  5. Massage the cream of choice over the intended area, increase into outward strides to maximize the area of healing.

Feel Epic now, don’t you?
Make sure to wear loose fitting slippers or cuddly-wuddlies.

Personal Experience:
For years I detested my heels, it was an annoying problem I was too annoyed with to fix. Cracked & abused they tormented me, especially at outdoor functions or slumber-fiestas.

Months ago, I tried doing something. For days, I would scrub & scrub, but them damn cracks were stubborn yo! My ever-over loving mother being the Saint*ess she is, took pity and bought the above mentioned Four products for me. Within that same night of using the above directional methods, my Crack heels were no bloody more! No more slightly aching pains when I press my heels in for actions like driving, sitting at my desk or just plain kid-tastic running.

Now, I have used both the Heel Balm & The Camphor Restore but I would have to say I am partial to the sensationalizing Camphor Restore. It has the added bonus of a euphoric scent.

I would most assuredly recommend this to all. My dad is probably the perfect example of a before and after picture-spokesperson. Mom did his heels and the cracks are frickkin' inconsequential now. In One day, who can top that now?

Of course, daily or weekly use is encouraged, I know without a doubt I will never have Cracked heels again just because it’s this easy to get rid of.
(My New Ali G Word J+ the H)
  • Beauty Product/s Review done. One day when I grow up……Can Say….Hey, I did that.
  • Take Away: Write outside your comfort zone.

~"Be kind to one another."~ Ellen DeGeneres
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  1. A a damn good post it is. I will buy these products! Well done you should do more

  2. Ahhh so good! I applaud you for doing something different.

  3. Well who knew? I do martial arts (barefoot), so I get regular pedicures to make sure my feet are always pretty :)

    1. Hi Robin! Sorry I haven't been responding. I had a technical issue with this thing (in that I didn't know anything haha)
      Wow! That's so cool, what color belt are you on? You really are a super mom arent you. I've never had a pedicure, think I'm too ticklish for that.

  4. My feet look rough. I so need to try these products to help.

  5. I always use this on my feet. Probably because my mom did.

  6. It's a big turn off to have rough looking feet, I hate seeing it on myself, lol. I make sure I moisturize often and that I take good care of my feet so it doesn't look worked out or something like that.

  7. i haven't had problems with rough feet but i suppose i'm still young so i have time to experience that. i'll keep these products in mind should i run into that problem

  8. Haha. I enjoyed reading this. I always use this on my feet to make sure they are always moisturized.

  9. I just love how you describe the instructions. How do I call it...immersive? I don't mind the preparations, so long as the products really work then I'm all for it!

  10. Another reason why I love to get pedicures - no cracked feet :)

  11. I need to get these for my father. He has very bad cracked feet. He has diabetes too, so I'm going to check these out for him.

  12. I have always had a problem with cracking heels. It takes a lot of work to keep them healthy once it happens!

  13. I don't have dry feet, but I would go with Vaseline.

  14. This is so interesting! I am looking forward to use these products so my feet will look stunning in my heels! Glad I came by your blog.

  15. Cracked heels are also my problem and thanks to this post, very helpful! Now, I can wear my stunning shoes without being embarrassed!

  16. Cool product! I would never have put cracked feet and picking up germs as a problem! Glad I get my pedicures regularly.

  17. My feet look rough. I so need to try these products to help.

  18. i have some brands in my that is for cracked feet and some tools too. This is a good product to try.

  19. My feet always get cracked this time of year. Need to try these!

  20. Yas! I can't stand the feeling of dry feet!

  21. I have gone through cracked feet for quiet some time few years back & I know how painful it is, but I never know that around 70,000 people are hospitalized every year for this which is really scary. I have always used Vaseline every time as the results have been good & it has been skin friendly as well.

  22. My feet could really use some serious TLC, especially the heels which have a tendency to get very hard and rigid. This is a good system to get those feet under control.