Thursday, 21 April 2016

Confessions of a Teenage Blogger Queen

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"Forgive me, Father for I have sinned."

"Tell me, child, what is your confession?"

Model: Taz Noble
Grace woke that morning with surprising purpose. She flung her body across the room to where her MacBook Air lay in wait. Drumming her fingers on the see-through glass desk, she started up the Mac. 981 emails, 346 twitter notifications, and 1407 Instagram mentions all greeted her anxious eyes. What joy she felt seeing this. It had only been 3 months since the launch of the website and the results were unprecedented. Before she began, Grace closed her eyes and prayed to the heavens… to her mother.

"Mother, guide me." The whisper escaped her lips, easing the tension in her shoulders. She opened the Twitter notifications.

@SON***ASHUK said, “I get a two-hour facial every month”

@BETHSH******I said, “I've been known to brush my hair with a fork in emergencies.”

@A_M***E said, “I use hand lotion to tame frizz in a pinch.”

@TW**TRA said, “I'll pull out a strand and use it as floss in a pinch. Disgusting - but it works.” (Authors Note**A friend confessed that she does it too!)

@BETH**POURI said, “I use lip balm on my cuticles in a pinch. Even the colored kind upon occasion.”

@SEA***TH said, “I shave with baby oil gel for the closest shave ever!”

@CHER****NENY said, “I keep all my perfumes on the dairy shelf of my fridge, so I don't have room for yogurt anymore.”

These were fantastic! Tweets from around the world were coming in, faster than she could blink. Even men were posting! She couldn't wait to upload them to the site's 'Beauty Diaries' section.

Next, Grace opened her emails and Seven minutes later.....

Droplets of tears coated her cheeks, a heavy burden weighed down against her chest. Grace sat there, alone and could not contain her sobs. Like a dam breaking, it started slow, then all together at once, it broke. The email before her, could not be felt any other way... her eyes traced to the sender. Maya from Minnesota, bless her soul had sent a short story of her mother's passing. In relation to the theme, Maya had written about how difficult it was having to learn everything a girl should be taught by her mother and rightly so. Things like how to apply blush, deal with split ends, how much makeup to use, boys & what bra sizes to get. It was all detailed in beautiful prose with an emphasis on how lost she felt without her mom there to guide her. Once a month, Grace would feature a story regarding Beauty confessions and this was definitely going up. Anything posted before, felt trivial in comparison. Maya wrote with such raw emotion & seemed quite knowledgeable now on all things beauty related. Grace thought back to those winter days of longing, where she would be perched against the frosted window. Watching in solemn thought, the neighbor kids playing around in the snow. People could only guess how she felt, they could never know exactly how it felt to lose a mother. The soul crushing darkness that she had been propelled into had left her wanting. Maya was the first person in a long time to understand that kind of despair and know the sheer tenacity it takes to step into the light again.

Grace could only marvel at Maya’s inner beauty. She had started the website called “GlamConfessions” as a way for her to connect with her friends around the world. To share beauty tips, tricks, trials & trips. The “Beauty Diaries” section had sky-rocketed in popularity after the first week, women from every country were posting in 140 characters worth of their Beauty tips, tricks, trials & trips. It was mind-boggling to see so many women; strong, independent, shy, lonely, depressed or in love all connecting and uniting with each other under this one banner. In order to keep a handle on the overwhelming amount of feedback, Grace enlisted the help of her two “besties like toasties”, Ashley & Nicole. Some of their best slumber party nights were sitting up & reading the Beauty Confessions from all around the world.

They had gotten a ton of email from teenage girls saying how much hearing other women’s confessions, helped them to not feel alone anymore. To know that they were not the only ones, impacted them greatly. Grace remembered reading a touching story about a girl from South Africa who was constantly being bullied at school for caring too much about fashion and beauty. Suicidal thoughts, which were vividly described, were a daily battle for her. Then the “Beauty Diaries” happened…The girl describes exultant emotions with what happened next. Due to her crazy obsession with beauty & fashion, coupled with her quick wit & charm, the girl became the go to #beautyconfession of the day! She gets retweeted, at a mean average of 400 times a day! People shower her with love for her Beauty tips, tricks, trials & trips. From all of them, it was truly, Grace’s favorite success story and it was time for another one just as big.

Grace hit the reply button to Maya’s email:

“Dear Maya the Angel

Your letter had me gushing in tears, laughing for joy but most of all, it had me reminiscent of my own mother’s passing when I was only a little girl. I know those feels so well, lil angel & I promise you it never goes away. Thank you so much for having the courage to write this, girls around the world are going to be inspired and enlightened by your words. I wish I could give you the biggest teddy bear hug right now! Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. I am so happy that the website has helped you so much, I totally love love LOVE your inventive & creative handbags. Those pictures are just gorgeous.

Please know, that I have been reading letters and guest post proposals all month long. From the thousands, I have chosen to run yours in this month’s “Glam-Core” section. Congratulations! I cannot wait to see the world fall in love with you the way I have. You’re a star!

In addition, please see the attached form. I would love to offer you a position on my website. I know the girls and I would be honored to have you on the team!


Yours sincerely (& your biggest fan)

Grace Annelise Scott”

Grace hit the send button and laid her fingers to rest. She smiled quietly to herself, with big plans for Maya in her thoughts.

There is Beauty in helping others achieve their dreams. In hope, I wish we all find it.

Model Taz Noble

~"Be kind to one another."~ Ellen DeGeneres

Authors Note*

The First Photo was taken by me and refers to my original short story on Wattpad, called the “The Lady in Blue Heels.”

If you would like to read the rest of Grace’s riveting story, you can check it out Here.

It’s filled with love, romance, intrigue, drama & suspense. Get to know more about Grace Annelise Scott.

The names of the confessed have been redacted for privacy purposes.

URGENT: This post is in honor & Memory of    
My heart goes out to her family & friends. This is not OK.            

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