Wednesday 14 June 2017

Hire Alfonzo Words for Social Media Promotions

Welcome to 

Alfonzo Words

Alfonzo Words is a Social Media Influencer brand that focuses on promotional packages via various social media platforms to ensure a variety of exposure for the desired project.

The brand has seen exponential growth over the past year since inception in the form of 200 000 page views per month within the blogging sphere. Two twitter accounts each averaging over 1 million impressions per month as a result of targeting marketing & promotional planning. Instagram has also seen this type of transformation with + 1000 likes per post.

From this we’ve created a platform template that can be applied to other businesses based on the required need assessment to deliver their desired online presence.
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a.   Our Value

We focus on clearly defining the goals and activities which will get measurable results for you. Whether it’s a marketing campaign or a social media strategy, we know that we have to help you achieve your business goals.

b.   Our Tools

Just like no artist or builder can work without tools, we constantly evaluate and select tools to help us manage efficiently and effectively. 

1.  Goals

Our ultimate goal is to achieve results from Social Media activities. However, in order to achieve these goals, we’ll make sure that our activities are efficient and focused on specific goals.

2.  Promotions - Social Campaigns

We are excited to propose the promotion of social media Campaigns which tie into your marketing initiatives and fit your goals. An integrated social media campaign is more than just posting promotions for a sale, giveaway, or contest you wish to run.

After discussing your upcoming promotions or ideas for campaigns, we can quickly create and schedule social campaigns to augment your marketing promotions or to run standalone on your social networks. We’ll agree on a goal such as the number of entries, reach, or clicks on your posted links, then get going. We will take care of keeping the drumbeat going by scheduling a series of posts, and if there are entries to be collected and winners to be announced we’ll take care of that too.

We will also monitor and measure the campaign metrics as it progresses. A campaign can be run for as short as a day, or as long as six months. We’re uniquely able to provide summarized - campaign level analytics for the social activities in the campaign.  Campaigns results can be compared to each other so the best offers, giveaways, or contests can be replicated.

3.  Summary

Alfonzo Words is uniquely positioned to provide you with the social media management services and results you need to help grow your business or achieve your goals. We hope that you have gotten a detailed view into how we manage the social media for our clients, and have the confidence you need to select Alfonzo Words for this engagement.

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4.  Fees

An assessment will be done with you to establish the best possible package.


Posting / Content Creation / Creation

Monitoring & Engagement

Promotions & Social Campaigns

Analytics & Reporting

Other Activities

$ -----

$ -----

5.  Contact Information

Cell: +27782531566
Twitter: @Alfonzowords
Instagram: @Alfonzowords
Website: Alfonzo Words
Facebook: Alfonzo Words

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Tuesday 13 June 2017

Release DAY: The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden

Today marks a Special & Momentous day here on the AlfonzoWords blog, as we announce the Release Day of this highly anticipated book, THE PREY OF GODS by Nicky Drayden.

Woooohooo! I'm beyond excited for the release of this book & cannot wait to share the amazing Sci-Fi & Beyond book with you. This journey began almost a year ago when Nicky found my blog online & wanted a reading down from a South African's perspective as that was the location of her book. I was immediately hooked by the story concept & flow of the book. And by the very first page, I became a fan of not only the book but Nicky's amazing writing style.

Order your copy of THE PREY OF GODS
or on Barnes & Noble

Book Birthday With Oreo Cheescake & Fudge YUM!!

Nicky joined us for a very special & very awesome Interview on Monday, 29 August 2016 titled:

πŸŒŸπŸ’™✨Hello! THE PREY OF GODS!!!πŸŒŸπŸ’™✨

The Prey of Gods

Artwork by Brenoch Adams, cover design by Owen Corrigan.
WOW! Epicness! Legend...Wait for It....DARY!
All I want to do is turn the page and begin reading.

I've read the book and let me tell you something, you've never ever read a book like this before. It's a one of a kind, truly marvelous book with spectacular twists & turns. Nicky has created such a vividly fascinating world. The artist & designer did an unbelievably brilliant job of envisioning the book on its cover.

Publication Date: June 13, 2017, from Harper Voyager
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary
In South Africa, the future looks promising. Personal robots are making life easier for the working class. The government is harnessing renewable energy to provide infrastructure for the poor. And in the bustling coastal town of Port Elizabeth, the economy is booming thanks to the genetic engineering industry which has found a welcome home there. Yes—the days to come are looking very good for South Africans. That is, if they can survive the present challenges:

A new hallucinogenic drug sweeping the country…
An emerging AI uprising…
And an ancient demigoddess hellbent on regaining her former status by preying on the blood and sweat (but mostly blood) of every human she encounters.

It’s up to a young Zulu girl powerful enough to destroy her entire township, a queer teen plagued with the ability to control minds, a pop diva with serious daddy issues, and a politician with even more serious mommy issues to band together to ensure there’s a future left to worry about.
Fun and fantastic, Nicky Drayden takes her brilliance as a short story writer and weaves together an elaborate tale that will capture your heart, even as one particular demigoddess threatens to rip it out.

Harper Voyager Trade Paperback Original
A new voice in the tradition of Lauren Beukes, Ian McDonald, and Nnedi Okorafor comes a fantastic, boundary-challenging tale, set in a South African locale both familiar and yet utterly new, which braids elements of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and dark humor

Add THE PREY OF GODS to your GoodReads TBR now

Order your copy of THE PREY OF GODS
or on Barnes & Noble

Nicky Drayden has the COOLEST Book Swag Around!!😱😍

Check out these character cards made

Arm Bands!

Coloring Images!

Blimey! I love how extra this author is. 
She truly inspires. 

My Review:

Be prepared for the book you'll never want to put down and the one you'll never want to stop talking about.
A divergently devious plot work of suspense & mysticism filled with captivating characters & twists.
The Prey of Gods may just be the Sci-Fi story we've all been waiting for!

It's such a once in a lifetime, one of a kind Sci-Fi Novel that transcends any preconceived notions of the genre. It's compelling, jaw-dropping, heart-warming. heart-crushing, frustrating, awe-inspired, adrenaline pumping, pulse racing, fear inducing, and altogether Magical. I loved, πŸ’™ loved reading every single word, sentence & page. So much so that for the First Time ever, due to a hectic schedule, I actually read the book on my phone. I was so enthralled and utterly hooked to the story that the smaller text and awkward-ity barely registered, all I cared about was getting to the next page and the next chapter and the next. I am flabbergasted by Nicky Drayden's flawless ability to write such a vividly unique & entirely new type of story. Any writer who can transport me out of reality has my vote & Nicky brings this in spades. I was instantly dissolved into the world of the characters, the locations, the spirit.

I feel so privileged to have read this book. It's truly a brilliant read.

I; Enricoh Alfonzo; undoubtedly, vehemently, and whole-heartedly recommend this book to everyone.

Especially those looking for a great science fiction read.

© Enricoh Alfonzo ~ Alfonzo Words
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Friday 9 June 2017

Fifty Shades of Nails Opens at Davenport Square

Happy Friday Dance!~

πŸ•Ί πŸ’ƒ

Tomorrow morning boast a momentous day as the sun glints in reflection upon the crystal blue ocean.
Nirosh Naidoo presents the opening of  Fifty Shades of Nails , an all new specialty beauty salon establishment that primarily offers nail care services such as manicures, pedicures, & nail enhancements. Situated within the lovely coastal Durban, Kwazulu-Natal.

Highest trend yet!😱😱😱😱outta +34mil posts
Fifty Shades of Nails opens w/ a sizzle! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

πŸ’…Fifty Shades of Nails opens for business on 10th June 2017!

πŸ”₯ Take advantage of the opening Specials & book your appointment NOW!

*limited slots available

πŸ“Œ Call 083 420 8060

πŸ“Œ #FiftyShadesofNailsDBN

"Indulge yourself from hand to toe"πŸ’…

πŸ”₯ Located: Suite 60, 1st Floor Davenport Square
Glenwood, Durban
Destination Map

You can use the map above to instantly plot your route to the salon.

The nail care industry has been growing like never before ever since the invention of modern nail polish. In 2012 witnessed a surging popularity of nail art & in the same year, a short nail art documentary was released: "NAILgasm". The film explored the growing trend of nail art; from women across the world to high fashion runways. 

In 2014,, the online Museum of Nail Art was founded for nail artists and hobbyists to share their designs. It is free to visit this website, however, only members of Nailpolis are allowed to share their art. Women commonly use Youtube and Pinterest to learn about the newest and most interesting designs.

Nail gels
Nail polish/nail varnish
Foot Spa

Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails. It is a type of artwork that can be done on fingernails and toenails, usually after manicures or pedicures. A manicure and a pedicure are beauty treatments that trim, shape, and polish the nail. Often these procedures remove the cuticles and soften the skin around the nails.

The interest for nail art passes by the symbol of femininity in the society, in how girls identify themselves as girls and the peer-to-peer relation, as a way of identification among their friends and the belonging into a group.

Nail art is also a way to create its own identity through fashion, using colors and shapes as a disruption of childhood and entering to the female teen/adult world, also leaving the influence of their parents to create their own selves.

Share the Love

I love the quote below about supporting local small businesses. 
Want to help spread the word?
Share this post with any of social media buttons at the bottom of the post or 
Retweet the Twitter post

Use the Hashtag #FiftyShadesofNailsDBN so that we can see & give you a shout out in thanks
Mad Love in advance for your shares & cares. It's highly appreciated.

πŸ”₯ Take advantage of the opening Specials & book your appointment NOW!

*limited slots available

πŸ“Œ Call 083 420 8060

πŸ“Œ #FiftyShadesofNailsDBN

"Indulge yourself from hand to toe"πŸ’…
AWESOME #FriYAY vibesπŸ˜‚

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Thursday 1 June 2017

Dancer Tag: Dennis Kenney #StylewithDen

Inspire. Create. Write.TM

Bonjour vous les gens Γ©piques

It's a new week with a whole new set of probabilities & awesome paths your life can take.
Let's kickit off with great vibes for tomorrow's #FridayFeeling

See the reason that I do these Tags, is to show you that: 
"Anything is possible if you've got enough Nerve." ~JK Rowling. 

Ms. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Ricard Branson, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Steven Spielberg, Trevor Noah and the list goes on and on. What do they all have in common?

They are YOU!

Yes, they started out just like you, regular, human, with regular families, regular friends, regular skills. But they Dreamed, oh boy did they ever Dream. More importantly, they put in the hard work, the maximum effort & that is truly how they ended up where they are today. You don't need 7 secrets, 20 techniques or an all weekend program to be successful. You need only realize that EVERYONE who ever accomplished anything started exactly where you will start. Once you do, all that anxiety & doubt will disappear, in its place, a beautiful and powerful Magic will start to grow.

The Magic of YOU!

So I beseech you, start to Dream again, start to Believe in You because I already do. I have faith that all of you can & will accomplish incredible and insurmountable feats. Your dream is still there, I promise you it's still there. Reach out and Soar with it.

"Let the world tremble as it senses all that you are about to accomplish"

I came across this amazing dancer's IG (instagram) just the other day & loved the pictures as well as the videos. He was fashionable, talented, inspiring & most importantly, Humble. All the attributes I look for in a person to feature here. He's the kind of influencer I aspire to be someday soon.

Meet Dennis Kenney 
He's a former competitive Hockey Player...he graduated from the prestigious Drama Conservatory Carnegie Mellon University. His career spans Broadway National Tours,Television and Film. He is the founder and creative director of StylewithDen. He combines Fashion, Fitness and Entertainment.
Instagram - @stylewithden
Twitter - Pinterest - @stylewithden

Dancer Tag:

When did you start dancing? 
  • I started dancing at the age of 5 
What are your favorite styles of dance? 
  • I love Jazz and Hip Hop
Michael BublΓ© Video | Stylewithden | Feelin Good
What are your least favorite styles of dance? 
  • Although it is arguably the most essential form of dance for proper technique...Ballet
Are you a competitive dancer? 
  • I had a long career as a professional Dancer in New York. If you are auditioning regularly, then you are competitive. 
What is one dance flaw that you have that you would change? 
  • I try not to think in terms of flaws because I do not believe in Perfection, but rather encourage the next generation of dancers to embrace their individuality.

What is your favorite dance step? 
  • I love a good grand battement to the head :)
What do you want to improve on? 
  • I am always pushing myself out of my comfort zone in my performances.
What is your favorite dance wear brand? 
  • I love Lululemon

What styles of dance do you currently do? 
  • Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theater
Dance Fashion | Bruno Mars Video | Style With Den
What dance studio do you go to? 
  • Too many to list but most every major studio on both coasts.
What is your favorite dance memory? 
  • Clearing the dance floor at a banquet when I was 5 years old to Michael Jacksons Thriller.
What dancer do you look up to? 
  • Paula Abdul inspired me to dance..When I had the opportunity to work with her, it was truly a dream come true.

What style of dance do you find the most difficult? 
  • Partnering...Lifts are deceivingly difficult.

Why do you love dance? 
  • It's who I am, its not something I like to do, its something I MUST do.
StylewithDen I Robin Thicke I I don't like it


Dennis Kenney is an American actor, singer, dancer born in Boston, MA and is bi-racial. He is best known for his work as the Grinch in the New York press tour of Dr Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas![1] He is also the founder of Style with Den.[2]

Read More Here
Quick Fire {choose one}

Barefoot or Dance shoes? 
Tights or no tights?
Classic or modern? 
Antique or brand new clothes?
Books or movies?
Sky dive or bungee jump?

InsPire US

1. What is the best advice you were ever given? 
  • Listen to your instincts..ALWAYS 

2. What has been your biggest achievement so far? 
  • My original thought was to name an accomplishment in my performing career, but it was my time as a teacher and shaping young lives that has by far been the most rewarding. 

I tell my students to "Stop Marking Life"
Fellow dancers know that the term to Mark simply means that you are doing the dance, but not full- out, or to your best ability. I apply that to all facets of life. I encourage to always push outside of your comfort zone and in that moment is where we never miss potential opportunities.

3. Music uplifts our mood, What is your go-to song when you need a pick me up? 
  • Happy from Pharrel Williams 
~Complete the sentence, Happiness is…LOVE 
4. Life can be stressful, what are your top 3 things to unwind? 
  • Cardio, play with my yorkie Mambo, talk to my mom 
What is your favorite inspirational quote? 
"For any aspiring dancer, know that rejection is part of the business. Continue to train, be fearless and your time will come." 

Want to read more Tags? Check out the previous ones:
Watch Dennis As the GRINCH

"hahahaha! "what's your address darling, i'll make sure to hit your house first" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!

AWESOME #FriYAY vibesπŸ˜‚

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