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Dancer Tag: Damigio Esbach

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See the reason that I do these Tags, is to show you that: 
"Anything is possible if you've got enough Nerve." ~JK Rowling. 

Ms. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Ricard Branson, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Steven Spielberg, Trevor Noah and the list goes on and on. What do they all have in common?

They are YOU!

Yes, they started out just like you, regular, human, with regular families, regular friends, regular skills. But they Dreamed, oh boy did they ever Dream. More importantly, they put in the hard work, the maximum effort & that is truly how they ended up where they are today. You don't need 7 secrets, 20 techniques or an all weekend program to be successful. You need only realize that EVERYONE who ever accomplished anything started exactly where you will start. Once you do, all that anxiety & doubt will disappear, in its place, a beautiful and powerful Magic will start to grow.

The Magic of YOU!

So I beseech you, start to Dream again, start to Believe in You because I already do. I have faith that all of you can & will accomplish incredible and insurmountable feats. Your dream is still there, I promise you it's still there. Reach out and Soar with it.

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So let me introduce you to a dancer I recall from the days when my sister use to dance. As with how all these tags start, we connected via social media and I expressed my interest in wanting to do a Dancer Tag. He's a brilliant dancer and his answers are as unique as his name. ;-)

"Let the world tremble as it senses all that you are about to accomplish"

I am Damigio Esbach. Welcome to my world.
Defining the thoughts of the eccentric intellectual artistry.​
I am an individualist with a passion for;
- Dance
-​ Fashion
- ​Martial Arts
- Creative Arts
- Presenting
- ​Script writing

I find beauty in the dark arts and make sure to emote through sadistic words of wisdom, adding philosophy to everything that I do. ​​Life is never a bore when we see beyond...A subjective mindset. "To find yourself, Think for yourself - Be yourself."

Dancing from the age of 11 has brought me happiness, love and pleasure and given me the opportunity to meet and share the stage with many famous celebrities and amazing artists.

Dancer Tag:

When did you start dancing? 
  • At the age of 11. 
What are your favorite styles of dance? 
  • Contemporary hip hop :D 
What are your least favorite styles of dance? 
  • Honestly dance is life, whether it be hip hop to Pasa Doble, I enjoy any communion where my body movements meet music. 
Are you a competitive dancer? 
  • Not necessarily, Dance is one of the aspects that has become therapy to my well being so fortunately for me, the only person that I do compete with is the dancer that I was yesterday. 
What is one dance flaw that you have that you would change? 
  • I am not able to dance in Jeans! Haha I wish I could be as free in them as normal people. 
What is your favorite dance step? 
  • I love to Tutt and I also love locking my body. 

What do you want to improve on? 
  • I would love to improve on through dance genres and learn so much more – I was not privileged enough to go for any sort of professional training so I believe there is so much more dance education that is calling my name. 
What is your favorite dance wear brand? 
  • Most of the time we design and create our own dance outfits but I do love Puma and Nike clothes when I dance. Not for the name, I love the style. 

What styles of dance do you currently do? 
  • I do Hip hop, hip cop contemporary, Bollywood, Bollywood contemporary, Tutting, freestyle and then I have my own “style” in every genre that I do. 
  • Watch this dance rehearsal video of Damigio way back when

What dance studio do you go to? 

  • I don’t unfortunately and I’ve never been part of an actual studio. Passion lives right here in my heart for dance.

What is your favorite dance memory?

  • Opening up for Jay Sean in 2010 and having bouncers escort me to the car cause I had so many people wanting to take pictures with me! I felt famous haha!

What dancer do you look up to?

What style of dance do you find the most difficult? 

  • Traditional Indian dance and Ballet. – since I have knee injuries haha.

Damigio is part of Sitaare Dance Academy
SK Boutique

Why do you love dance? 
I suffer, or should I say, suffered from Chronic depression. Dance and God became my best friend and my savior. Being able to feel every beat and lyric in a song and matching it with a movement in my body became therapeutic and the fact that I get to break free from societal grounds when the stage lights comes on allows me to tap into my “inner self” which honestly, feels like one of my greatest blessings. Dancing not only relieves me but makes me feel more grateful and closer to the almighty.

InsPire US

1. What is the best advice you were ever given? 

  • Randal from Idols told me (When I went onto SA’s got talent) – that I should dance solo because I would go far and one of my “Fans” once said, I should always take myself with me on stage because that is the best part of the performance. That was a compliment but also reminded me to always take a piece of me in everything I do, from concepts to choreography. (In a way it was advice)

2. What has been your biggest achievement so far? 

  • Performing with famous Zee TV actors and international Artists and my biggest achievement was when I was told by someone “You give me goosebumps and it is a pleasure to watch you dance” – the fact that they felt what I felt when I dance, there could be no greater satisfaction.

3. Music uplifts our mood, What is your go-to song when you need a pick me up? 

4. Complete the sentence, Happiness is… eating food after a good dance session.

5. Life can be stressful, what are your top 3 things to unwind? 

  • Dance, Pray and praise my good lord and chill with my animals.

6. What is your favorite inspirational quote? 

  • “I ain’t for everybody.. and I Ain’t trying to be” 
  • and also “ It’s not my revolution if I can’t dance to it” (I have this tattooed)

7. If there was just one nugget of wisdom you could share, what would that be? 
Always, always, no matter what, embrace your inner fire and create your own self. 
To find yourself, Think for yourself. – Once you understand the significance of this – you will learn to cherish who you are!

Damigio is Currently working on:

“This love is hard” – a dance performance (Choreographed by me) to create awareness for Drug addiction and domestic violence through dance.

In the performance, I am the Addiction and I am the abusive partner but my focus is dedicated to what an actual drug addict would go through, trying to let go of their addiction and what a lady would go through while trying to fight the love she has for a man who has no respect and integrity to value another.

Quick Fire (choose one)

Barefoot or dance shoes?

Tights or no tights? 
No tights please!

Classic or Modern? 

Antique or brand new clothes? 

Books or movies? 
Books definitely – I love reading!

Sky dive or bungee jump? 
Can I do both please?

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    I will for sure be following him. :)

    Virtuous Mama

  9. Love this interview! He is inspiring and will go far in life!

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  10. EPIC & brilliantly inspiring interview! I have so many dancer friends on campus that will truly enjoy your answers Damigio hahaha i totally enjoyed watched that video of you dance, plus you can hear all the girls cheering you on mate. My FAV FAV part has got to be your One nugget of wisdom, >>> "Always, always, no matter what, embrace your inner fire and create your own self.
    To find yourself, Think for yourself. – Once you understand the significance of this – you will learn to cherish who you are!" <<<<

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  28. You are so right, everyone who has accomplished great things started at the beginning like everyone of us. They dreamed and they put hard work into their dreams and pushed and pushed until they got where they are today. We can all do that if we so choose. Damigio is dreaming and putting in the work and he will go far!

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  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

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