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The Unicorn Queen, The Samurai & The Wizard

A lone samurai is perched upon the rafters of the tavern, resting her body after a long days trek through the Marshlands. She had volunteered to escort a couple & their newborn through the treacherous swamp to the new city of Thorumdawn. They were reluctant at first, no doubt hearing the stories of the “Green-Haired Gaijin”. Urgh, “Gaijin”, the foreigner. She hated that word with all her being, yet the whisperers and busy-bodies insisted on calling her that all her life. The samurai watched in boredom as the locals meandered about the tavern, in drunken banter & flushed cheeks. Until a new arrival, caught her attention. By the looks of it, a woman, covered from head to toe in an obsidian cloak. Clearly she wanted to avoid attention at all cost, little did she know that it was exactly the thing that would attract attention.

The samurai frowned in concern, the men at this tavern were notoriously filthy beasts around women. One of those beasts had cleared through the crowd, fumbling along the way in her direction. He was flanked by three other putrid males, no doubt delighted to be following the beast. The new arrival sensed their approach and straightened her posture. Words were spoken and before the samurai knew it, the beast had flashed out a backhand. The woman went sprawling to the ground, her hood flopped behind her, revealing… The samurai’s heart thudded with glorious purpose as she leaped off the rafters, arriving on the group in no time. She lashed out an open palm and took out the first male face first, into the ground. While still crouched, she released a swash-buckling lower round house kick that knocked out the other two males’ legs right from under them. On the turn, she rotated her open palm into a sky-ward rocket that slammed into the beast’s chin. His body left the earth and landed noisily into a wooden table, splinters and broken wood, crashing all around his hefty weight. No, she would not dare tarnish her beloved katana on the likes of them.

Without missing a step, she held out her hand to the new arrival. Looking down, her heart beat quickened yet again. The new arrival had luscious, long locks of pink hair!

Is she like me? Have I finally found my clan? The samurai thought, so loudly, it was a roar within her mind.

“I am not what you seek warrior.” The new arrival said as if reading her very thoughts.

The samurai’s chest deflated, her face visibly strewn by the news. She quickly recovered as was her custom & bowed deeply. “Forgive my assumption, I am named as Eiramus. Eru, in fast-tongue.”

The new arrival regarded her apprehensively as if this greeting had been lost on her. She reached out a delicate hand and touched at her forehead. “Allocante, I am named as Acirassa-“ She frowned at something. “I do not have a name in fast-tongue.”

Eru smiled broadly, “That would be Ari, yes, Ari & Eru. What a pair we shall be to behold. What brings you to this fair dump of a place?”

Ari gestured for Eru to follow her outside the tavern, away from prying ears. “I apologize for the secrecy, I have just not received the best of treatment since arriving to this strange, strange land.”

Ari’s gait seemed awkward as she walked, as if uncomfortable in her own shoes. “Oh? Where do you reign from then? Surely you must be from one of the kingdoms.” Eru said regarding Ari’s regal cadence.

Ari’s expression darkened then, she paced in that awkward way for a bit. Eru touched her arm to halt her steps. It was a gentle touch, to convey sincerity. Ari studied Eru’s eyes before saying, “I am not of any of your known kingdoms. I have been banished to this accursed land for breaking the ultimate taboo.” She paused to look out into the orange set sky, probably recounting the troubling memories. She sighed deeply. “I fell in love with a human male and for my punishment, the Toad King in all his cruelty devised a most horrid exchange. I would be forced to live out my days here while my beloved would be locked away in his dungeon, to perish away. For he cannot survive in my land & I cannot in his.” She clutched at her face, now filled with anguish. “Oh my poor Hterag, this is all my fault.”

Eru snatched the woman up in her arms, gently patting the pink locks of hair. The gesture seemed so natural, as if they had been accustomed to it for years. “Shhh, it’s not your fault. Loving someone cannot and will not ever be a death sentence. Not so long as I have breath in my breast.”

Ari sniffled and caught herself, she straightened out and titled her chin up. “You’re right, a queen does not falter. She fights for freedom, equality & peace. I must get my Hterag back from that monster. At any cost. I must.”

“You’re a queen?” Eru’s jaw dropped. She had never been in the presence of a queen before but did have the common sense to bow, deeply, yet again. Ari made a “tsk” sound.

“No need for such formalities, not after all the kindness you have afforded me. But how ever shall we get to my land and save Hterag?”

“Oh! I know!” Eru exclaimed in delight. Seeing Ari’s confusion, she explained “We shall visit the most powerful Wizard in all the pointed kingdoms.”

A time later, they were on the horses, leaving a trail of dusted wind in their wake as they galloped on towards the isolated farm atop the jagged cliff line that Eru had heard about in passing. The sky dimmed as the sun began it’s descent into the horizon.

Art Supplied by Amsnorth

“Hocirne! Hocirne! Have you finished your chores?” His mother fumed, hands on hip, as she entered the barn. Hocirne couldn’t be bothered. He was in the middle of a riveting adventure between a silver knight and his golden dragon.

His mother huffed to get his attention, “Last meal is upon us you stupid boy, get a move on!” Her tangled tawny hair fell over her face as she shook it out and spun around to march out of the barn.

Hocirne sighed deeply, he longed for an adventure away from this miserable place. So secluded was his life, that he hardly ever met anyone nor got to see all the wonders of the world. All he had was these tattered books that the monk, Orisies would gift him upon his rare visits.

The door to the barn creaked open and he tapped at his head, not ready to deal with his mother a second time this night. He got up and peered around the corner of the stable, his breath caught and his heart fluttered. Lo and behold before him were two of the most outrageously beautiful woman he had ever set eyes on. He blinked several times to make sure this wasn’t a trick of the mind or a result of his own growing body. What a sight they were! Did all women in their land have such vivid and strange hair colors?

The pinked-haired one stepped forward and regarded him from head to toe. She laughed quick and hard, gesturing out a hand while looking to her green-haired companion. “This? This is the so called, ‘most powerful wizard in all the pointed kingdoms? Surely you mean this as some cruel, twisted joke.”

The green-haired beauty stepped forward, the sword at her hip glinting off the dying light of the sun set. No wait, it was shaped like a sword, he’d read about this. It was a katana! His eyes flared in recognition and awe. She laughed at his musings, such a delicious sound. “Oh yes my new friend, he most certainly is the wizard we seek. Can you not see it?”

A word brought him out of his reverie and into startling awareness. He frowned, “Wizard? I’m sorry, you must be mistaken. Maybe you refer to my friend Osiries. Yet he is a monk not a wizard.” Hocirne scratched at his head, had there even been such a thing as a wizard in these parts?

She bowed deeply before him, making him feel seven kinds of uncomfortable. “I am named as Eirumas. Eru, in fast-tongue. This is my companion. Named as Acirassa. Fast-tongued as Ari. I apologize for the abruptness but we haven’t much time. You must come into your own immediately and without explanation.”

Ari backed away as Eru drew out a decaying parchment. She held three fingers upwards, then closed them to form a fist and place it against her chest, where her heart would be.

“In the words of mortal men, I call upon the ancient power. Wizard of the North, we call upon thee. Slumber no more, slumber no less. The time has come for you to be born anew.

In the words of the old, I beseech thee! Kys mytrail felitaze arumtalla, Kys waye felitaze arumtalla!

At first, nothing happened and Hocirne let out a quick exhale. Only to suck in all the air when they heard it, when they felt it. Like a deep rumbling within a giant’s belly. The earth began to tremble and then quack ever so violently. Ari grabbed on to one of the stable’s support beams. Hocirne cursed himself for not maintaining the barn, what if it broke under strain and hurt her? Such a beautiful, elegant angel. He would never forgive himself. A shiver shot down his spine and—BOOOOOOM!!!!!!

In a flash, the barn roof exploded and lightning surge through it, hitting Hocirne head on. All his world turned white and bright hot. He was consumed by it.

Unicorn Queen Cred: iluvfaeries

Authors Note

While joking with some great friends, the basis for this story was formed. I wrote out Part 1 as a test version to see how it would all play out. In all honesty, It would have probably been too long for any one blog post haha. 
  • So Feelings? Thoughts? Does the storyline work?
  • Should I write Part 2 i.e> finish the story?
Feedback will be highly appreciated!

~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres


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