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Buenas Dias!!
Firstly, let me thank you all supremely. I've just hit +20,000 page views in one month! {Queue Happy Dance} I am completely humbled & truly appreciate everyone's support.

I started my blog in February 2016 & only really started blogging from April 2016. The community out there is just amazing & it has been one helluva Journey so far.

I am ever more humbled by today's interview. A week ago I received a follow by a most enigmatic & eye-catching account named @SharKKteethSolo. Curiosity won through & I checked out the account. At first, it started with awesome Shout Outs but soon I realized, this bro's energy was thoroughly unique & entertaining.
Took a chance & reached out to him about hosting him on my blog. I'm beyond jazzed that he agreed. So without ado, I give you the awesomeness that is SharKKteethSolo!

After choosing to focus on his Grown Man Career during the promotion process of a music project, SHARKKTEETHSOLO has returned. Presenting to over 100,000 followers and the World; a New 30 song offering, SUMMER of 45. The title symbolizes not only the age of SHARKKTEETHSOLO, but also vocalizes the visions of his journey through forty-five summers of life. SHARKKTEETHSOLO is a universally known and acclaimed Music Artist/Producer/World Peace Representative from Indianapolis, Indiana. He now resides and works in the MIDWEST from Cincinnati, Ohio. By way of Internet, awareness of SHARKKTEETHSOLO was gained from uploading and promoting over 300 FREE songs on the Popular social media site Twitter since 2013. SHARKKTEETHSOLO also is followed for Inspirational and Intelligent tweets expressing thought-provoking opinions from his blue-collar; Union Ironworker, Military, College Law Studies and "underwater" life. Views cover a variety of current plus historical American and World topics; ranging from Musical, Social, Educational and Political.

Decisions, Decisions:

1. Name your top 3 favorite artists/ bands:
  • Tupac, Mellencamp, Puddle of Mudd 
2. What is the last song you listened to?
  • "I want to be free" THE OHIO PLAYERS 
3. What was the first concert you went to?
  • FreshFest 1988-89 
4. If you could spend a day with your favorite singer who would it be?
  • KC & JOJO ( JODECI ) 
6. Are there any songs that you can’t stand hearing?
  • I'll be nice, no comment 
7. If you could have a soundtrack to your life what would it be?
8. Do you listen to any classical music? If so, what are some of your favorites?
  • Classical Music , Symphony Music is the foundation of my Production. I was taught to love Classic Compositions 

9. Your favorite cheesy song?

Another No comment. I have a few by me

10. What songs do you listen to when you are feeling down?
  • PAC, Aerosmith, Huey Lewis, classical music 
11. First L.P/C.D/Mp3 you bought?
  • Ooohh , had to be from old school NEW York rap days. 
12. Do you like musicals if so which is your favorite?
  • Hamilton is the Greatest 
13. Favorite musical instrument?
  • Anything strings 
14. If you could see anyone in concert who would it be?
  • Wish I could see how Elvis did it, live. 

Let's Get Personal:

15. When did you first start singing?
  • Young 1970's, 80's.... church, and along with the radio 
16. What Genre/s do you sing in?
17. What is your music about?
  • Life, Love, struggling, STRENGTH, intelligence, vocal visions. 
18. To date, what is the best song you’ve created?
  • Sunny Days 
19. If you wrote a new song right now, what would it be called?
  • 45 Seasons of Change 
20. If you had just One message, One Golden nugget to share with other artists out there. What would that be?
  • Professionalism is NOT SOUND QUALITY, It's song QUALITY... strong content and context.

Quick Fire 

Rap or Hip Hop 

Whatever Rakim, Tupac and Jay Z are.

Sing in the shower or on Stage 

Musical or Concert 

Guitrar or Drums 

Ear phones or Speaker 

Music while you work or Quiet 

Quiet or no rap, sorry, Most rappers don't make songs for REAL MEN WITH REAL JOBS/ CAREERS TO Work to. 

Snoop Dogg or Usher 

Usher ALWAYS MAKES HIT after HIT, but I'd rather roll with Big Uncle. 

Sing or Dance 

Do both bad, catch 22. 

Instrumental or Lyrics 

If I hear an instrumental, I'm thinking lyrics. If I hear lyrics, I'm making beats in my head. 

Prince or Micheal Jackson 

Don't make me choose BRO, just listening to BOTH ALL Last week.


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 For ALL Inquiries & Requests, Direct Correspondence or Contact Email: wreklisrecords@gmail.com 

Epic Interview Brother!! Arigato for gracing us with your awesomeness.
My favorite song so far is SUPERNOVA
The classical beat underscored is legend, almost reminiscent of a movie score.
Share your thoughts on the artist with us, all are Welcome.

Breaking News** The Blog Tag is now on FACEBOOK, join the awesome community today. 

~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres


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  2. Congrats Enricoh! You did a great job! Keep it up! :-) Thanks for sharing the interesting interview with this artist, need to check out his site!

    1. Isn't He AWESOME ⭐🌟✨ Thank YOU sooooo MUCH for Reading. 🌎☮👏

  3. Never Ever will be able to Express in Words how ABSOLUTELY amazing of a TRUE - REAL - HEAVEN SENT BROTHER Enrich IS. I AM FOREVER APPRECIATIVE OF GOD, and Twitter Connecting YOU to/with sharkkteethsolo 🌎☮👏

    1. I need a new phone 😎 my WONDERFUL BROTHER'S NAME IS ENRICOH 👈👈👈 💪👊

  4. My favorite music is contemporary worship music. I dont have any favorite groups at this time.

  5. I love a lot of different types of music.Now tupac I can get down with.

  6. Nice taste for music right here. Congratulations! Keep the good work

  7. OH MAN! YOU are bringing back to the 80s and 90s!! HA!!! RAKIM!!!

    And congrats on your page view FEAT! BOO YA!

  8. Congratulations on the page views..that is a good number to start. I am a 90's music kid, i love that era :D

  9. Congratulations on the page views. You are doing fantastic! I am an 80's music lover and my favorite is Boy George. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Congrats on your page views. I don't really like any particular type of music - I either like a song or I don't

  11. Wow! What an achievement that truly is. It's all because of your hardwork too. congratulations and I hope you get more than 20k on the next month!

  12. I am glad to hear post like this, congratulations on your page reviews! Get up posting and love blogging!

  13. I love music from the 90s, I also love the music today but not that really fond of. Congrats on your achievement!

  14. I love music from the 90s, I also love the music today but not that really fond of. Congrats on your achievement!

  15. What a great interview! I'm going to have to go check SharKKteethSolo out. Sounds great :)

  16. Great interview!

  17. The interview is very nice, I wish I can do an interview like yours. I like music too but I don't like loud music.

  18. What a great interview, I love learning more about people and finding out what makes them tick.

  19. great interview. i love music and listen to aerosmith as well <3 <3 Therese Glenn

  20. Congratulations for hitting 20k views! It ain't that easy and I'm sure you deserve more. I gotta hand it to Sharkkteethsolo, his fave artists are close to mine and your interview quoted the best part of his beliefs. I like this person now!

  21. Wow I've never heard of Sharkteethsolo but I love what he stands for! I'm definitely going to have to check him out now, and I especially love his quote about song quality!

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