Monday, 9 May 2016

Inspire Tag: What Motivates You?

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1. What is the best advice you were ever given?
  • No one cares how much you know until they know how much you Care.

2. Who inspires you and why?
  • J.K Rowling. Her journey is one of those epic, unbelievably intense battles against adversity. Rock bottom became the foundation for which she rebuilt her life. Nothing inspires me more both as an author and a person.

3. Everyone has bad days, how do you deal with a bad day?
  • I feel it all! Let everything in, embrace the darkness & shout into the void. Yes, there is comfort within even the darkest parts of you. Once you cuddle up to that beast, nothing can keep you locked away ever again.

4. Where do you go/what do you do when you need motivation?
  • Hmm I'm a huge fan of personal development so when I need it, I have an arsenal of kick-ass, power-up videos & audios that I go through. That & I love chilling-out on my roof, watching the stars expand out in the night sky.

5. Failure is a big part of life, what has been your biggest failure to date?
  • Haha if only you knew, as crazy as I am, I've failed more often than most. Last November I lost everything and I mean everything. Literally nothing to my name and a debt total that would astound most conservative people. To top it all my cat, Loki passed away in the worst way. For all intents & purposes, I was in ruin.

6. What is your biggest achievement?
  • After years of agonizing torture and heartache, I finally admitted that I am a writer. Wrote my first novel at eighty-four thousand words (think a little over the first Harry Potter book length) in fourteen days. It is the first thing I have ever accomplished completely on my own. Had I not failed, I might not be where I am today.

7. Have you conquered any fears?
  • Hell Yeah! I'm a bulldozer when it comes to fears. Fear of public speaking, fear of body image, fear of confrontation, fear of sharing my writing. The only way through. ..Is through! Once you do it, it's not so scary no more and helping other people see this has been a blessing.

8. Music helps lift our mood, What is your go-to song when you need a pick me up?
  • Linkin Park-Given Up. It's just the rawness of the song, his voice, and the rhythm…takes me over the edge.

9. Complete the sentence, Happiness is…
  • When you learn that helping others achieve it is a most worthy, a pursuit.

10. What do you do to clear your mind?
  • Hahaha why would I ever want that? The mind is an intricate network of neurons and within their chaos is the beauty of creativity. I could never ask for a better gift.

11. Life can be stressful what are your top 3 things to unwind?
  • Books, with them I can escape anywhere I want. The past, present, future. Magical societies, other dimensions, whole new worlds of wonder and possibility. 
  • TV series, whistle* if anything Did, in fact, mellow my brain waves, this would be it. I binge like a bear before hibernation. 
  • Video games, bring on the RPG's!

12. Have you watched any inspiring movies? Do you have any favorites?
  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • A Fault in our Stars
  • Interstellar

13. What is your favorite inspirational quote?

14. Do you listen to motivational speakers?
  • Yuppity yup! I've had the privilege of meeting some of the greatest personal development legends from all over this planet. It's been a life-changing experience, to say the least.

15. How do you cope with unpleasant people?
  • I apply this. "Some will, some won't. So what?...Next!" 
  • I love meeting new people, the ones ready for change. Those are who stay with me. The others fall away without prejudice on my part. I just ain't got time for it. 
16. What is your best piece of advice?
  • Dream Big, especially when all the world tells you not to.

17. Complete the sentence “When life gives you lemons…”
  • Build a lemon ladder to the heavens :-D

18. What is the most inspiring book you have ever read?
  • The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

19. Do you have a place to pray or meditate?
  • If by that you mean, the place by which I say my affirmations. Then Yeah, my bed, in the morning before my feet touch the ground.

20. What is your motto in life?
  • Words are Immortal.

Quick Fire:
Inspirational Movie or Talk with a friend

Creating Art or Listening to music

Making food or Eating Food

Being alone or Being in a crowd:
Being alone in a crowd? :-p

Writing or Singing:
Haha I'm sure Cassy would choose singing here.
...big reveal....Writing!

Sea Vacation or Safari Vacation:
We live in Africa. All we see are animals on land.
I want something different. So Sea Vacation.

This was mad-crazy fun to do & reading the answers of others is even more entertaining.
I urge everyone to join in on the Inspire Tag.

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~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres


  1. Great read! I use meditation to help clear my mind. Your outlook is motivational.

  2. I loved reading this Enricoh. I especially liked your creative idea of a lemon ladder! Wishing you success in all you do.

    1. haha! I loved your idea on the lemons too! Thank you for the wishes

  3. I absolutely enjoyed reading this Enricoh! Thumbs up for your favorite inspirational quote-love it!

  4. I absolutely enjoyed reading this Enricoh! Thumbs up for your favorite inspirational quote-love it!

  5. So...we both like Linkin Park. Knew there was a reason I like you. Fantastic Q&A sesh, Enricoh !

  6. So...we both like Linkin Park. Knew there was a reason I like you. Fantastic Q&A sesh, Enricoh !

  7. I remember when I was a child, I would look out of the window of the car at all of the passing cars. I felt so small knowing that every passing car had a family that I would never know.

    1. Well you seem very sociable and approachable so I'm sure you know tons and tons of peeps now. :-)

  8. I think I have conquered my fears of flying. I love to travel now

    1. Brilliant! Congratz!
      Yes, those who do not travel only read one page of the book

  9. Loved this post, thanks for sharing how you feel!

  10. I enjoyed this post! Congratulations on writing your first novel! That's awesome!!

  11. You are such an inspiration to mane aspiring authors out there. I love how positive you are about life, it's really the experience that made you this way and it's awesome that you've conquered pretty much everything that went your way in the past.

    1. Elizabeth! Thank you so very much for this amazing compliment. You rock!

  12. I love the Fault In Our Stars it is such a fantastic read, even if it makes me bawl my eyes out everytime I read it!

  13. I unwind in all those ways too. They might include a cocktail too on the weekends :)

  14. This was such a nice read. And I completely agree with your pinpointing of J.K Rowling. She definitely made a life out a struggle where most would have crumbled. Great post!!

  15. You are worth a follow, my friend. With your inspirations, ups and downs and spiritual trophies, it's about time you give back and be the model, I'm sure you're definitely up to it.

    1. Arigato Karla! Your kind kind words humble me. Yes! Challenge accepted! haha

  16. I love J.K. Rowling's story as well! She is such an inspiring woman!

  17. I enjoyed reading this and I love all the answers. I love J.K. Rowling!

  18. just testing to see if this works for me

    1. 2nd reply went through. this is 3rd test reply

    2. Thank you again so much Diana!! I love replying back to my readers, it's so awesome. Let me know if I can repay the favor in any way?

  19. I love having music to get me motivated as well. I often just can't get in the mood to get anything done, but with some music it seems to move me to get me that motivation.

  20. I loved reading this. To unwind, I pray, listen to music and do yard work. I love planting flowers and seeing flowers bloom and grow.

  21. Great read, what I do to clear my head is listen to great soulful music, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Adale just to name a few.

  22. I loved reading it, Enricoh! Love your favorite inspirational quote and a lot of your thoughts! Life is a journey, how you live it, it's up to you!

  23. Omg great post!!!! Music & meditation help me out a lot!!!! Swear I would be lost without them.

  24. Embrace the darkness & shout to the void. Yes! We do need to give ourselves time to feel bad when we're having a bad day, but Id like to add that we ought to be conscious not to dwell so much on it. We don't want to get those negative vibes get to us.

  25. I agree…books are an excellent way to escape and unwind. Congrats on finishing a book – that's such an accomplishment!

  26. I love to watch motivational videos or read success stories of others.

  27. I found this really motivational to read through actually. I didn't know J.K. Rowling's story before either.

  28. The advice given was really sound advice and still holds today

  29. What an amazing post, JK rowling is so inspiring and I guess sometimes you don't really know your purpose here until you hit rock bottom