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Supernatural (TV Series): Review

An enemy that will stop at nothing... A family that will risk everything.

Funny quote: Sam – “Dude, I'm not enabling your sick habit. You're like one of those lab rats that pushes the pleasure button instead of the food button until it dies.”
Bring on the awesome! It’s finally time to talk about one of my favorite TV shows around.

I have been a fan since episode Uno and have never missed a season, often re-watching them just to watch those brothers dust all manner of nasty that goes bump in the night.

DeviantArt Gif Cred: deino_erd

Eric Kripke, the creator, says the core of the show is two brothers who hunt monsters. Hell Yeah, it is! I frickkin love this show. I’ve never had a brother but I’ve always wanted a big brother I could look up to. Dean Winchester fills this role in spades, he’s badass and willing to sacrifice anything to keep his brother alive. They’ve taken on vampires, werewolves, wendigos, ghosts, demons, gods, even angels and they keep on coming. This is the perfect twist to those congested crime procedurals they keep throwing around hoping for a hit. It starts out with Sam & Dean combing newspaper articles and obituaries for clues to possible monster attacks. If they find something convincing enough, they drive to the location in Dean’s infamous black 1967 Chevrolet Impala which he refers to as ‘Baby’. Once there, they get to dress up as various officials in order to investigate what’s usually a crime site. Their go-to personas are FBI agents with rock aliases for names. (I know, awesome!). 

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The show has kept its fans always wanting more and is a testament to Supernatural having surpassed Smallville as the longest-running North American science-fiction series with a renewal for a 12th season. The best part is I know two brothers that are just like Sam & Dean. I have been trying to get them to watch the show for years. One day I will succeed.

Interestingly enough the show was meant to end at season 5 according to the creator and with way, the events of season 5 played out…. The finale truly was a standalone and the series could have ended there with amazing finality. But by then the actors Jared Padalecki (I know crazy surname) and Jensen Ackles who play Sam and Dean respectfully, had done too good of a job gaining followers. The shows fans would not let it die, they wanted more of the brothers. So the producers kept the show going, granted the plot lines have been exceedingly more untethered to any known mythos but who cares, more Supernatural forever I say.

Included on the bonus DVD is a documentary of the actors on set and how much fun they have. It makes you want to watch them on screen that much more. Jared and Jensen are known for their off-set shenanigans. 

Pic Cred: borgmama
A must watch is the end of the “Yellow Fever” season 5, episode 6. Where Jensen does an insanely hilarious lip sync version of “Eye of the Tiger” song. If you YouTube the bloopers you’ll see just how funny these guys are.

DeviantArt Cred: Eajna

My favorite mythical being that the brothers have ever faced is Death

This dude is definitely one of the most powerful beings in the Supernatural universe even claiming to reap God one day! The actor provides such mystery that you can’t help but wonder just how vast his power is. Though the fact that Lucifer bound him does annoy me on his limitations. 

Speaking of ‘Ol Lucy, finally, now here is a Satan with some juice! When you see him almost annihilate every ruling pagan god of their respective pantheons, it’s like whaaaat?! Naturally he brought the fear to the brothers tenfold mostly because Sam was destined to be his one true vessel. I have to say, though, I am not a fan of the actor who played him. After seeing Mark Pellegrino, as some wannabe vampire leader on the Almost Human US TV series, I just can’t get with him playing the first Archangel. His individual characteristics just didn’t pull me in as believable. He had the power but he didn’t act like it. Not in the same way Death did. The actor looked too bored. 

I loved how the angels aren’t portrayed as neither good nor bad but lost soldiers who are always seeking a leader, searching for God. The show depicts how following orders without question can be, literally, apocalyptic… With the introduction of Castiel played by Mischa Collins, the brothers get firsthand experience into the motivations and powers of an angel.

Here is some amazing concept art of the Winchester brothers as Angels. (No spoilers don't worry)

DeviantArt Cred: peace4all griffouine

On the most interesting side, as long as the show keeps up the monster hunting formula I foresee a brilliant future ahead for the show. I am grateful that Jared & Jensen have set aside whatever other projects they want to do and have decided to stick with the show.

It’s X-Files with more action and less conspiracy.

It’s the modern Twilight zone with less science fiction and more paranormal fiction.

Mike Hale of The New York Times also named the series on his top ten list for the year: "Supernatural is currently among the wildest and most entertaining series in prime time."

Personal rating: 10/10

In the days to come, I will add more reviews of my favorite TV shows and Movies. 
Let me know your thoughts about the show. All views are welcome.

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