Wednesday, 17 August 2016

#REVIEW ~ Secrets to #ShineThroughtheNoise

Complimenti epica per il mio amico e mentore Akasha Garnier!!!

Woooohoooo!!! Help me congratulate my friend & mentor Akasha Garnier on the official release of her motivational book, Secrets to Shine Through the Noise. As writers we all dream of getting published in some form or the other, so this is a massive accomplishment. 
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It's been worth the wait & now the sale of #ShineThroughtheNoise goes live today!

Today I'm featuring one of my very best friends, in her unbelievably awesome review of the book. This is her first-time guest blogging but she pulls it off with flawless ease and passion. 

Benita Govender is an optometrist, the reason for this career choice is because she wanted to help people on a daily basis. She is passionate about her job and thrives on it. Her family and friends mean the world to her. One of her hobbies is reading, she loves to learn new things. Reading also allows her to delve into new worlds and get lost in them. 

Hello, Hello all you fantastically amazing individuals. 

Today I not only have the honor of being featured on Alfonzo Words hot blog spot, but I have the absolute privilege to speak about Akasha Garnier's brilliant book: Secrets to Shine Through the Noise.
The awesome cover for this book was revealed right here on Alfonzo Words and was so worth the wait!

Cover Reveal: Shine Through the Noise

In this incredible book, Akasha shows us how to step out of boxes which society has put us in and embrace our individuality. She teaches us to SHINE.

"Shining is natural. It's that connection that makes you smile and the light bulb that goes on that makes us get up"

With the simple exercises, activities and steps laid out to assist you; not only will you be able to get what you WANT out of life but you will also discover new things about yourself along the way. The sky is the limit and this book has shown me how any of us have the ability to reach it.

At every turn, there is new inspiration and motivation but the one thing that sticks with me is that your age is irrelevant. Akasha speaks of how you can create new goals and reach them - at any age. Only we hold ourselves back.

I was surprised to find how simple the exercises were and yet have such an impact. I found coloring to be very therapeutic.

Reading these secrets has been a magnificent learning for me. I have always wanted to travel but having reached my academic goals, I became a creature of habit and comfort. Now I have new goals. To travel and to be more open to trying new things. To be more accepting of change.

Akasha says we need to eliminate the word "can't" and every day, I find myself doing just that. I've also begun to spend less time on social media just as she suggested and I find I have more time to be productive and accomplish my smaller daily goals.

There is a brilliant exercise to help you start moving forward. It's one of my favorites, as it helps you to "get into the driver's seat". Not only does it help to remind you of your positive traits, but it also allows you to learn more about yourself as a person. We are our own worst critics but this exercise helps you focus on your strengths and work on that.

Here is my favorite image from Secrets to Shine Through the Noise, is the signed hi-res Travel coloring image I received from Akasha:

It shows you reaping your rewards, in a way. Like all that hard work is paying off.

This book surpasses all distinctions we humans have created to divide us and calls out to every person to improve their lives and to do so at a pace which suits them.
Not only is it beneficial to each and every one of us, but 10% of proceeds from this book will be donated to Teen Cancer America.

I am most certainly going to get my family and friends to read this life-changing book. We have just this one life so let's SHINE, bright and bold.

Akasha also has a thriller trilogy which will be coming out and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on those books!

A HUGE thank you to Akasha for allowing me to read Secrets to Shine Through the Noise and Alfonzo Words for featuring me on this awesome blog. The support I have received from the both of you is greatly appreciated.

To purchase Secrets to Shine Through the Noise, please click on the link below:

Calling ALL Bloggers & Readers.

We're offering You the chance to review this life-changing book.
* To be posted on your Blog & Amazon. If you do not have a blog, let us know as we have guest post options available to you.

In exchange, you'll receive a signed copy of the book, an exclusive limited edition "Shine"bracelet & a High-res signed Travel coloring image {chosen by popular demand from the fans}

If you would like the opportunity to review Secrets to Shine Through The Noise,
Email & mention my blog name.
~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres


  1. How exciting for Akasha! I wish her much success on her book!!

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  15. All kinds of #WOW! Thank you kindly for all your wonderful comments and notes of congratulations! I am encouraged by your words and interest. I look forward to hearing about your light bulb moments and your own journey! Remember, believe in your story. With your help it's been a fantastic virtual launch. I will share some more light bulb moments and photos from live launch events in Chicago and LA soon! :) Cheers & fair winds, Akasha Lin