Wednesday 16 November 2016

Fantastic Beasts & Eddie Redmayne: 5 Lessons You Taught Me


"I open at the Close."
"I solemny swear that I am up to no good."

Half way through the week & it's #WednesdayWisdom
Iiiiiit's Finally that time, the #FantasticBeasts Movie is releasing in a week!
Today I'm sharing 5 Lessons from Both this EPic movie & Eddie Redmayne, the Oscar winning star playing the main character, Newt Scamander.

On Friday, you might have thought me as cracked as mad-eye moody because all I posted about was Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts. You see there was different competitions running all to win the same price.
Well let me assure you it was well worth it
Guess who's going to the exclusive Premiere >>>This Guy <<< hahaha

Here's my winning entry
A similiar post to this and my love confession of all things JK Rowling:

J.K Rowling - 5 Lessons You Taught Me

I still have the original book released way back when, it's got all these hilarious scribbles made in them by "Ron Weasley"
It's not a novel but rather a guide to some of the Fantastical Beasts.

Fantastic Beasts is a wonderful & magically shinning example that being different is actually a great thing. It's beasts are not unlike so many animals misunderstood & some even persecuted all around the world. Hunted & killed for their uniqueness.

Let's take a stand TODAY against poaching & animal cruelty. They all deserve to be respected & admired for their awesomeness.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a 2016 British fantasy film directed by David Yates and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. A spin-off of the Harry Potter film series, the film was produced and written by J. K. Rowling (in her screenwriting debut), inspired by her book of the same name

Edward John David "Eddie" RedmayneOBE (/ˈrɛdˌmn/; born 6 January 1982) is an English actor, model and singer. Born and raised in the City of Westminster, Redmayne studied history of art at Trinity College, Cambridge, after which he briefly dabbled with a modelling career.

Redmayne is the recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award and in 2015, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his services to drama. In addition to his acting career, he supports several social causes, including LGBT rights.

Eddie won the Oscar for Best Actor in the Movie, The Theory of Everything where he played the legend, Stephan Hawking! It was an unbelievable performance filled to the brimmed with the feels and sure to make anyone emotional.

His next role only further emphasizes Eddie's superb acting chops & bravery. The following year, he played Lili Elbe, one of the first known recipients of sex reassignment surgery, in Hooper's The Danish Girl, which gained him a second Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

On to it then,

5 Lessons You Taught Me

Judgement is for Judges

“Imperfect understanding is often more dangerous than ignorance.” 
~J.K. Rowling, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Nothing is ever as it seems. Judge not what you don't take the time to understand. Never resign yourself to what you Know, there's always a different perspective. The whole premise of the Fantastic Beasts worldbuilding is that these creatures are often misunderstood with Mr. Newt Scamander making it his life purpose to educate the magical community and help them understand these beasts alittle more. 

For the fans: Recall the Thestrals, many people avoided them in fear because one could only see them when one had been a witness to death. Does that peculiarity warrant avoidance or rather should it be fascinating in its own right?

...Nothing is ever as it seems.
#WeirdWednesday - Embrace Your Wacky Self

I did an interview once where I was asked who I found attractive and I went on about cartoons and Nala from 'The Lion King' - and it's a bit weird but various of my ex-girlfriends actually did look like Nala.
~Eddie Redmayne

Hahaha how wacky is that! I definitely recall having a lion crush on Nala when I first saw the Lion King as a kid. She was super awesome.
So if a weird guy like Eddie can win an oscar and become successful in his career, then even the weirdest weirdo has a shot, don't they? You have Nothing to worry about, let your inhibitions go and be who you were Always meant to be.
....Wonderfully Weird & Unique!

Bring On the Fear

I'm just one gigantic ball of rancid fear and self-consciousness. I'm entirely fueled by fear, so the fact that I knew it could be a catastrophic disaster made me unable to sleep, and made me work quite hard.
~Eddie Redmayne

Brilliant perspective! Change up your thinking that your fear holds you back, allow it to push you forward and smash through any walls in your way.
I know, I know that I too have those days, moments even, where a bout of anxiety will sink in. An inner voice in your head telling you that you can't do that or do this or be that or want this.
Because Eddie had this perspective he delivered one of the most EPIC performances of the last decade & it won him the Oscar!!!
....Here is your proof, Here is your power!

Step by Itibity-Steppity Step

“Take life step by step, pace by pace, slowly slowly, and leave the competition to others.”
~Eddie Redmayne

It can be sooo tempting to take the fast route, to sprint through a day at top speed not realizing that this is a Marathon. It happens to all of us even the well organized. Life is Life, it's messy nothing is ever cemented in stone. The world around us is all abuzz with truckfull of noise, hustle & bustle. It moves in zigs & zags like a Formula One racer. We're all just playing catch up as best we can.

The secret sauce from Eddie here is that our Need for things to happen right now need not "Exceed Expectations" 
You have a goal right? A burning passion in life? Or even just a "I want to be well-off mate"
Well that doesn't just happen over night, it takes effort & a Will to survive.
All you need do is take it day by day, step by step, inch by inch, atom by atom
BUT the most important thing is to become Adaptable. Fluid like the current of a river but as tough as the Oceanic waves that mold the moutainsides to their favor.

...Adapt to the day, adapt the challenges your next step may bring you

WE are the Magic

Up there on the screen, we can all fly. But down here on earth, we need to be each others wings.
~Eddie Redmayne

Such an amazing lesson from Eddie, wow. Has immense meaning within and has become one of my favorites. This ties into the above lesson of being in competition. The only competition you should have is with yourself. To be today, a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

I only surround myself with people that are going to lift me higher, that are as giving maybe even more so, than I am. They focus on sharing the love and helping others succeed.

Whether you're in the acting biz, an author or a blogger or candlestick maker. You have a choice today to help someone, anyone in anyway you can. Share out your experience, share out your joy. Don't hold back.

...When we help each other, EVERYone wins. 

Are you a fellow Potterhead? A fanboy or girl? Let me know! Let's Connect.
Excited for this movie?
Watch the Final Trailer here

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~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres


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