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Testimonials for Live Your Now & S.S Blake

Last year was probably filled with the single most amazing, craziest, uninhibited, outstanding, trying & unbelievable times I've ever experienced in my life. But along that journey, I was introduced to a whole new side to the world. The wonderful world of personal development. See before that I believe I just existed. Existed in the way my circumstances & environment had molded me to become. I had no inclination of the power that comes from mastering yourself nor of the way in which it strengthened the bonds you had with family and friends or how good it made you feel. 

It was through this that I learned about a key concept called Edification.
Now the dictionary defines the word Testimonial as: n. a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications.
And I would like to use this opportunity to give testimony to two unique and powerful souls that I've had the distinct pleasure of working with, 
Savannah S. Blake & Richie from the Live Your Now initiative. They have both participated in the Inspire Tag posts that I run here on the blog, in which they share epic answers that are sure to inspire you. Read all about them by clicking on the links below:

Let's begin in order, shall we?
Meet Richie

Live Your Now, run by Richie, an almost reluctant "coach" who embarked upon the journey to bring mindfulness to others, because basically it needed doing. Facing his own "am I good enough to do this?" fears, he now encourages others to live mindfully and presently, after spending the majority of his own life hiding the grip of anxiety and locked in his own thoughts, now with the attitude of "Heck, if I can do this, anyone can!" A universal calling, rather than something he would have predicted, he's now submitted entirely to this path in service to bringing peace to people and our world... hopefully... or giving it a good go anyway!

The First Exclusive Interview with Live Your Now


This weekend I got to attend the National Achievers Congress, VIP style thanks to In Africa N Beyond who will be featured in this weeks #TravelTuesday Travel Tag so look out for that. 
While at the congress I learned that "Thoughts are real forces" from the one & only Robin Banks who I got to take a selfie with the last time I met him haha. He talked about how it all starts with a thought, how there's three states of the mind. Conscious, Unconcious & Subconscious. How what we think, we become. Anxiety, doubt, depression & stress plague us all and if we focus on only those thoughts, guess what happens? They become Real! How about if we focus on the positive ones?

That being said, Richie & I had been talking for awhile on social media so recently when I had a bout of anxiety over an unbelievable opportunity I had been offered, he was the first one I went to for guidance. The opportunity itself was something I never planned for or even imagined would ever come my way so naturally I had doubts & reservations. 

The first thing I was taken by was Richie's abundant joy & celebration over my news.It's always heart warming to find people in your life that are selflessly supportive & encouraging. He then proceded to listen to my doubts and proposed not only the solutions to them but also, more importantly, he helped me figure out my next steps to take. It's easy to get caught up in the chaos storm of thoughts and find them difficult to decipher, yet Richie helped me field through them with ease, finding those golden nuggets that I could use to help me go forward with this opportunity I had been given. 

Thankfully he was able to schedule a skype call with me that Sunday afternoon. In it we discussed how I would move forward and I also got to hear his truly deep and moving story of why he started the Live Your Now initiative. Why he's so passionate about it. It touched me to my core and I will never forget the message he relayed within it. I hope that you all hear it from him soon. 

What I really want to talk about is the end of this call, because it was probably one of the most profound moments I've had in a long time. Richie advised me that we would be ending the call with a mindful exercise and I had no idea what to expect. His goal for me since I began talking to him about my anxiety was to get me in the present moment and not focus on the past or the future. He told me to close my eyes and focus on my breathing. I did. He then began to slip into an almost hypnotic and soothing voice walking me through these steps of presence. For the First Time in MY life, I truly existed only in that present moment. It was mind boggling what he made me feel, I can't even begin to describe the experience of existing within that one moment, of everything else fading away not like it was in the background, no, it all faded away and I was left with this peace. This peaceful moment of clarity. For the longest time I thought it impossible to find such a moment, to ever have a way to clear your mind, yet there it was thanks to my friend, my mentor, my brother Richie. I have used this mindful technique every day, all week and it has just been spectacular. I've become more and more appreciative of the power of the mind, less anxious over well practically everything, more self-confident in my abilities. I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that Life has never been the same since. What an amazing, powerful & sincerely helpful godsend Richie has been and I know will continue to be for me & many, many others all around the world. 

I would passionately recommend anyone & everyone to Richie at the Live Your Now initiative.


Meet Savannah S. Blake

Savannah Shea Blake is a Mindset and Manifestation Coach, which is a fancy niche of Life Coach. She works with ambitious people who know that they have the power to create their own reality. She, herself, is an incredibly ambitious woman who plans to change the world by being a positive influencer and helping one person at a time do the same.

“I believe that if everyone were free to live the life they want, they would create a better world for all of us to live in.”

You can find all of her content and programs at where she writes about how to manifest what you wish for and create your ideal life.

My biggest issue & enemy right now is Time. Time to deal with my day job & also pursue my dream of becoming a published author. More often than not I leave the office quite late, mostly dragging through the day while becoming more alive and happy at night where I'm able to pursue my dream passionately. But alas they day job provides security & pays the bills so woe is me right? Haha wrong and I'll tell you why. Because thanks to my buddy Richie, I met the incredible Light that is Savannah S. Blake. 

This was the concern I presented to Savannah on the Skype call she honored me with. 

The first thing that I was taken by was her beautiful and bubbly personality, she greeted me with such warm acceptance and understanding. What really resonated with me was her ability to relate to my circumstance in every way and make me feel at ease to discuss my problems. More importantly, she created a safe and private place for me to express my emotions. 
What a great listener! In her replies, I could tell she had a brilliant fountain of knowledge and was able to tap into that but also relay the information in an understandable way. 

We got to talking and Savannah was able to instantly come up with a brilliant plan for me to do what I love as a day job and still pursue my dream. By that I mean she had already analyzed my strengths, providing me with a goal to achieve that takes advantage of those strengths. I was amazed because it was a strength I hadn't ever paid attention to. 
~ Sometimes it takes the keen eye of another to spot them and help you nurture them to it's fullest potential. ~ 
This is what Savannah has helped and continues to help me achieve. So excited for the future and to be working with her. 

Thanks to her guidance & awesome networking skills, I am proud to say that, with regards to the strength I mentioned, I've just landed my First client this week! And have also just received payment not once but twice! Woooohooo! A fantastic start to something with endless possibilities!

I am and will always be beyond grateful for her unique brand of empowerment and coaching.

I sincerely & highly recommend Savannah S. Blake as a Life Coach. 

Don't wait, empower yourself today! Amazing opportunities await just beyond your horizon, let her help you discover them. 

Connect with her via the following:

Website: Vannasana

Twitter: Vannasana

Facebook: S.S.Blake

*Free Ebook: Manifesting Money + Anything Else You’d Like

~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres


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